Government of Montserrat

New organizational structure for Office of the Deputy Governor

BRADES, Montserrat –  Several departments within the Government of Montserrat have been restructured says a notice from the Office of the Deputy Governor. The new changes will take effect February 2011 and include the merging of several entities into one unit.

With the new structure, the Performance Management and Development Unit (PMDU) and the Public Sector Reform Unit (PSRU) will no longer exist. Their functions will be subsumed under Human Resource Management, say Deputy Governor, Mrs. Sarita Francis. The Public Sector Reform programme will be coordinated under the Organisational Development function.

As of February, there will be two service locations. The Human Resource Management Unit Building is at Government Headquarters at Brades (the former Administration Building). HRMU will house Organizational Development, Learning & Development, Performance & Remuneration, and Service Delivery. At the Office of the Deputy Governor in Farara Plaza, there will be the DG’s Office, Consular Services, Estate Management and Corporate Services.

Under the new structure, the Office of the Deputy Governor will be responsible for Human Resource Management, Consular & Auxillary Services, Prison and the Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA).