Government of Montserrat

Montserrat votes! General Election 2014

ZJB Morning Report – Thursday September 11th 2014

Voters in Montserrat are today casting ballots to elect a new government and representatives to the island’s Legislative Assembly.

Thirty-one candidates spread across two political parties, one group of independents and a number of stand-alone candidates, are vying for the nine seats in the British dependency’s Legislative Assembly.

A total of 3,878 persons are registered to vote with each person able to vote for all of the nine candidates on the ballot paper.

The population of Montserrat is estimated currently at approximately 5,189, about half of its pre-volcanic eruption total.  Cha He Amber Beads Sleeping Bags Wholesale Tea Sets

The incumbent Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP) lead by Premier Reuben Meade and the recently-formed People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) fronted by parliamentary opposition leader Donaldson Romeo are both fielding a full slate of nine candidates.

The newly-formed Alliance of Independent Candidates (AIC) is a coalition of three independent candidates lead by former chief minister Dr Lowell Lewis who currently sits in the Legislative Assembly as an opposition member.

The other ten candidates are stand-alone independents.

More than half the residents of the island were evacuated or otherwise left voluntarily during and after the eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano which started in 1995, peaked in 1997 and has had intermittent eruptions up to 2010. Although still active, the volcano has not had an eruptive phase since then.

Montserrat elections are held in five-year cycles. See table below for the results of the 2009 election.

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No. of Voters By Polling Stations (pdf)

Elections Results 2009
Montserrat 2009 elections results table