Government of Montserrat


Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing and the Environment (MATLHE), signed off on another housing initiative under the Government of Montserrat’s Home Improvement Program.


In the upcoming months, contractor Leroy Gerald of Gerald’s Construction, will construct a 3 bedroom house in Mongo Hill, for Vernia Joseph, who currently works for the Government of Montserrat. Miss Joseph is the recipient of a Reduced Interest Mortgage, a program which continues to provide mortgages for persons who already own land, but who would not normally qualify for a mortgage with private lending institutions.


Miss Joseph and her three children, have been living in a 2 bedroom sheltered accommodation since 2005. Director of Housing and Acting Permanent Secretary for MATLHE, Mrs. Eulyn Greaves, explained that persons living in sheltered housing accommodations, are given housing priority.


Mrs. Greaves said the Honourable Minister for MATLHE, Mr. David Osborne is encouraging the Housing Unit to make every effort to assist people in acquiring more hurricane resilient living structures, especially since another active hurricane season has already been predicted for 2018.


Contactor Leroy Gerald, was issued a cheque on Friday February 2 from the Housing Unit, which represents mobilization fees for this project and will begin works immediately.


Miss Joseph expressed her gratitude to the Government of Montserrat and the Director of Housing for doing everything to make her dream of acquiring her own home, a reality.


Minister Osborne explained that there are over 300 persons on the priority housing list, however he states that over the past few months, his Ministry has been looking at making additional lots in Look Out and Drummonds available for houses.


He further stated that it is important for persons to register their housing needs with the Housing Unit, so that an accurate view of the housing needs on Montserrat can be documented and carried forward. Minister Osborne said he is interested in creating more revolving door housing programs, in an effort to lessen the dependency of the Government of Montserrat on external funding agents.


In the upcoming weeks the contracts for the four Social Houses will be signed and construction works will begin later this month.