Government of Montserrat


The Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports has taken a decision to vacate the two upper blocks of the Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) Campus. The decision to cease the use of the two buildings was taken on the afternoon of Tuesday September 4, 2018.

The Ministry explained that this decision was taken following receipt of a report from consultancy company, ‘Alpha Engineering and Design (2012) Ltd’, which indicated that the two buildings; which were constructed in 2002, were no longer suitable for use. This report, which was received by the Ministry of Education on the afternoon of Friday August 31, 2018, came out of a consultancy for the ‘Government of Montserrat Building and Maintenance Strategy’ commissioned by the Office of the Deputy Governor. The assessment was conducted by ‘Alpha Engineering and Design (2012) Ltd’ in March and June 2018.

On Monday September 3, meetings were held with the Consultants and the Office of the Deputy Governor, to review the details, verify the contents and recommendations of the report concerning the school. On Tuesday September 4, an emergency meeting was conducted with the Ministry of Education and other officials to address the contents of the findings of the report; following this meeting, an immediate decision was taken to discontinue the use of the two buildings.

The Ministry of Education said the key issue now is ensuring the health and safety of students and staff and the continued delivery of high quality education. It was further explained that the Ministry has now activated a plan to ensure most of the school operations remain on campus and that all classes remain on schedule.