Government of Montserrat

Premier Donaldson Romeo’s 2018 Christmas Greeting

Premier Donaldson Romeo

Fellow Citizens, Residents, and friends of Montserrat, I greet you with the joy and blessings of this Christmas season. To our family and friends who have returned to the Emerald Isle for this season from studies, work and various other pursuits, welcome home. Have a wonderful and memorable Christmas. To those unable to return this year, our hearts are    with you as we know your hearts are with us. Do have a wonderful Christmas wherever you may be. To those of us at home  who have weathered the storm, enjoyed some good moments this past year with hope of a brighter future, I say to you peace, good will and every blessing at this Christmas time.

On Montserrat Christmas is a time to enjoy oneself, be it with family and friends, be it at a concert, festival activity or just hanging out on the beach. It is also a good time to reflect on the many blessings we are favoured with and on what is truly important: family, friends, relationships human and divine.
As we celebrate the birth of the Giver of Life, let us pause to remember those no longer with us. Let us also not forget to share good tidings with our neighbours and friends who may have lost a loved one, or may just be alone this Christmas. Christmas is truly a time of caring and sharing.

May we be inspired by the One who made Himself the Greatest Gift to us all; hope to the hopeless, mercy for every mistake, restoration for every failure, and a comeback for every setback.
As Premier, I wish to suggest that we do all in our power to be kind to one another so that we can have a crime free Christmas and a joyous season. To our private sector, public servants, law enforcement, young and old, let this Christmas be one of the best ever.
On behalf of the Government of Montserrat, my family and myself, to those on island and to those with us in spirit, have a happy, joyous Christmas, and may God bless us all!

(Listen to the Premier’s Christmas greeting here)