Government of Montserrat

Montserrat National Youth Parliament Being Sworn In

BRADES, Montserrat, March 5th 2019. The Montserrat Legislative Assembly Youth Parliament wishes to inform the public that its Swearing-In ceremony will now take place today March 15, 2019 at the Brades Arts and Education Centre at 3:00pm. It further invites the attendance of all to witness of this momentous occasion.

The Youth Parliament reflects the current sitting of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly and will begin their legislative year with the debate on an appropriation bill.

On Tuesday February 26th, the members of the Youth Parliament held its general elections based on individuals who expressed and interest and selected its members as follows:

  • Speaker of the House – Keyola Greene
  • Premier & Minister of Finance, Economic Development, Tourism & Culture– Jhovan Daniel
  • Opposition Leader – Ashneil Jeffers
  • Deputy Premier & Minister of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing and Environment- Ke-Shawn Thornhill
  • Minister of Education, Health and Social Services – Triscia Meade
  • Minister of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour- Dexter Small
  • Parliamentary Secretary – Keon Christopher
  • Financial Secretary – Jermarhi Meade
  • Attorney General – Keturah Daley
  • Opposition Members: Nyota Stewart, Je’Quan Nicholson, Mohit Sadhawni*
  • Clerk of Council – Carlon Brathwaite

During the weekend of March 1-3 the members received training from local and regional facilitators to include: Sir Howard Fergus, John Skerritt, Michelle Cassell, Siobhan Tuitt, Jeddi Fenton, Jim Taylor, Lyston Skerritt, Madam Clerk Judith Baker and Madam Speaker Shirley Osborne. Assistance was also given for training from the Nevis Assembly, President Farrell Smithen and Clerk of Assembly Ms Myra Williams.

Audio quotes from:

  • Speaker Ms. Greene
  • Leader of Opposition Mr. Jeffers
  • Premier Mr. Daniel

The aim of the Montserrat Youth Parliament is, primarily to expose young people to the tenets of democracy and of the Westminster Parliamentary system, teach them the workings of the Legislative Branch of the Government and prepare them for a possible future in government. It serves also, among other things, to give the youth a platform to voice their views and concerns on critical issues affecting their lives with the assurance that government and concerned organizations would be alerted of the challenges they face and take appropriate measures to address the situation. The program seeks to deepen youth’s understanding of the Government in general and empower them in advocacy, healthy debate and constituent representation.

The Youth Parliament of Montserrat is supported by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and UNICEF.