Government of Montserrat

Premier Romeo’s St Patrick’s Celebration Welcome

Welcome to all pilgrims to Montserrat who have come home for our annual national day and festival. In addition to our pilgrims, welcome also to all visitors from near and far who have come to join with us for this our 2019 National St Patrick’s celebration.

Premier Donaldson Romeo

Montserrat is the only other country in the world, apart from Ireland (that is) where St Patrick’s Day is a national holiday. Just like St Patrick, who was kidnapped into slavery and sought his freedom, our enslaved ancestors rose up on St Patrick’s day in 1768; 251 years ago. They have set an example in the enduring fight for freedom.

The St Patrick’s Festival is also a major cultural celebration that highlights our rich national heritage and talents as a people.  It is a chance to enjoy ourselves together, with a wide variety of events and activities for young and old alike.    All of these activities reflect our Irish and African heritage here in Montserrat, the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.

As a special note, for this year we recognise the recent passing of a Montserrat Icon the Rt Honourable, professor Dr George Irish who was just laid to rest. We must also remember our national heroes, the Most Excellent William Bramble and the the Most Excellent Robert W “Marse Bob” Griffith who passed away on St Patricks day 1996, 23 years ago.  Let us also remember our National Hero and cultural Icon the Most Excellent  Alphonsus Arrow Cassell and many others sung and unsung, even as we enjoy our cultural celebrations.

So, once again, welcome one, welcome all to our 2019 St Patrick’s celebrations. May we join together to celebrate our heritage of freedom as we work as one people to fulfill our national vision.