Government of Montserrat

Visit of the British Defense Attaché to the Caribbean and New Uniform Parade

Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Colonel) Anton Gash of the UK Defence Attaché for the Caribbean paid his scheduled visit to Montserrat during the period March 4th to 7th 2019.  While on island he had meetings with HE the Governor, the Hon Premier, the Deputy Governor, the Hon Attorney General, the Acting Commanding Officer and Senior Ranks of the RMDF, the Commissioner of Police and the Senior Management team of the RMPS.Lt. Colonel Gash also met with the Senior Management team at the DMCA.  During this visit with the DMCA there was discussion about the capabilities of the department as well as the importance of emergency plans, the potential for training opportunities and capacity building.  As part of ensuring that the Defence Attaché had a full picture of Montserrat, he visited Plymouth and other areas in the south of the island. He also paid a visit aboard the MV Heliconia Star to meet with the crew and receive a briefing as to the capabilities of the vessels as well as was taken on a brief patrol. Lt. Colonel Gash was one of the key person who worked with other stakeholders to ensure that the RMPS was successful in getting the vessel for Montserrat.


Since Lt. Colonel Gash took up post in the Caribbean the RMDF, the RMPS and the Marine Unit have all benefited from a number of training opportunities in Antigua, Barbados, Belize and in the UK and he has once again provided assurance that he will apply his best endeavours to ensure that all organizations continue to benefit from more of such opportunities. One of the highlights of Lt. Colonel Gash visit was that he was invited to inspect a Guard of Honour comprising of a Unit from the RMDF, set of RMDF recruits, a unit from the RMPS, and unit from the MSS Cadet Corp and a set of MSS Cadet Corp recruits. This activity coincided with the first inspection parade where the RMDF started to wear the recently acquired and blessed uniforms. Lt Colonel Gash spoke to the troops and stated how proud he was to see the RMDF wearing the same uniform as the UK armed forces as they are tangible and visible example of the support we have been receiving since the visit of the UK Minister of State for the Armed Forces Colonel Mark Lancaster last year. Similarly, this marks the first inspection parade where the MSS Cadet Corps wore their full Green uniform which is a transition away from the traditional camouflage which the unit has been using for many years as their everyday dress.  Similar the all blue uniform would be the one which would be the uniform of the recently launched Cadet Marine Unit.

Lt. Colonel Gash was accompanied by his wife on this visit and they departed Montserrat on the morning of Thursday 7th March 2019.