Government of Montserrat

Cabinet Approves Completed Tourism Strategy

Cabinet recently approved the 3-year Tourism Strategy that was developed and presented by Tourism Intelligence International on behalf of the Office of the Premier.

In its commitment to re-launching Montserrat as a viable, sought after tourism destination, the Government of Montserrat approved a National Tourism Master Plan 2015 – 2025 and a National Tourism Policy in 2016.  This placed the focus on re-establishing Tourism as the main ‘driver’ of the economy, therefore fulfilling the role it once had until the volcanic eruptions more than twenty years ago.

The Government therefore sought to develop a Tourism Strategy that would be used as a roadmap to guide the Tourism Masterplan in achieving its aims and objectives, as well as to aid in attracting financial assistance from the European Development Fund to implement a series of projects.

During the development of the Strategy, there were consultations with tourism stakeholders, community organizations, members of the Diaspora, tourism staff and government ministries, all with a view to ensuring that needs, industry gaps and feasible opportunities were taken into account. Focus was centered on:

  • Conservation of the Natural Environment
  • Visitor Attractions and Amenities
  • Expansion and diversification of the Tourism Product
  • Focused and Cost Effective Destination Marketing
  • Upgraded Quality and Service Standards

This led to the formation of a Vision for tourism: “Sustainable Development Through Quality Tourism” and this would be supported by key strategic pillars, namely: the customer, the environment, technology, and the people of Montserrat, all built on a solid foundation of quality products and services.

“Although this Tourism Strategy is for the period 2019-2022,” said Director of Tourism, Warren Solomon, “it should not be seen as a static document, but more of an ongoing process that can be adjusted based on market, environmental or economic conditions.”

Premier and Minister responsible for Tourism the Hon. Donaldson Romeo noted: “The Tourism Strategy outlines suitable actions for several key projects in-keeping with Montserrat’s cultural, social and economic aspirations.” He added, “This will contribute to improving the island’s tourism sustainability in general and economic benefits for the population in particular.”

Click here for the completed tourism Strategy.