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IBM 000-104 Practice Test n the November 15 to December 31 within this time, the Air Force 4th Army and Fifth Army in the Army support to carry out improvements starting offensive combat mission status while still doing offensive campaign is about the liberation of the North Caucasus Ready to work. Two Air Force Army headquarters fiction aviation activities planned in the current fighting in these battles. 4th Army Air Force is responsible for supporting the northern cluster attack, Fifth Army Air Force, part of the troops and the Black Sea Fleet aviation IBM 000-104 is responsible for supporting the Black Sea cluster attack. In accordance with the provisions of the plan, most of the air force troops to support various arms each direction on important synthetic IBM 000-104 Practice Test army. 9A0-061 4th Army Air Force, the main responsible for the implementation of the support for the main assault group Mozdok enemy 44th Army, responsible for supporting our troops and capture the enemy each intermediate region and destroy the enemy forces to retreat backwards. In the course of the attack, two Air Force Army Air Force also charge.

t the army can successfully break through the geographical enemy defenses. However, the results, contrary to expectations. Providing assistance when suddenly a storm at sea, with the battle plan does not provide suppression of enemy defenses and air force when the weather worsened at sea or other unforeseen circumstances encountered by transport aviation for landing forces the reasons causing the failure of the landing, as well as. IBM 000-104 Practice Test In summary, although the IBM 000-104 Exam landing troops fighting every effort, but in landings or failed. Feint landing soldiers 1Z0-563 fighting there, progress is very different. A2010-940 Fighting on land, just in a predetermined time at 1 30 on February 4 start on time. PT boats on land in accordance with the team commander H. N. Xi Piya gold Captain signal direction along the coast smokescreen, the group sent a machine gun Novorossiysk harbor breakwater landing and shore enemy opened fire. Army artillery on shore, 1Z0-540 landing ships and rockets blazing but continuously suppress the enemy s launch point. Soldiers landed in mouth, landing fish factory area, the land.a total of about 15,000. Defense missions Nuowo Luo Francis Ridge on the coastal artillery, air force and naval base of the fleet of ships to bear. Before the start of combat operations, a total of 87 coastal artillery 45 152 mm artillery, naval forces have two gunboats, 26 Water District ships, 17 PT boats and other floating tools, naval air IBM 000-104 Practice Test fleet of 112 aircraft. Nuowo Luo Francis Albuquerque area air IBM 000-104 defense air force F 62 Mission Hill and antiaircraft artillery 84 anti aircraft 3M0-700 guns and 50 anti aircraft BCP-521 guns , responsible for 1Z1-474 the IBM 000-104 Practice Test cover on the air safety of Novorossiysk. Soviet attaches great importance to Novorossiysk, as early as 1941, had taken a series of measures to organize the 310-067 defense of Novorossiysk. According to Novorossiysk defense program Novorossiysk Naval Base Command in October 1941 to develop rules should be established forward defense area, behind the defense of basic defense areas and regions, as well as the IBM 000-104 Practice Test number of road cover region and anti landing areas. Build a camp in these areas, even the support and the support points built a bun.

000-104 Practice Test Union, and in North Africa fighting Rommel Corps reunion, and thus headed towards India. However, 000-104 these adventures Hitler plans to be finished in the end. For Hitler gangsters capture Caucasus pursued economic purpose, it is doomed unattainable. Meeting on declared My main idea occupied C2010-534 Caucasus province, thoroughly defeated the Russian army as possible if I were not in order to get oil Maikop and Grozny, IBM 000-104 Practice Test I do not fight this war military history magazine, 1956, No. 10, p. IBM 000-104 Practice Test 000-104 8. Goebbels convinced to talk at length about the plans of the German command. In Munich, a meeting IBM 000-104 Dumps IBM 000-104 Practice Test of the ACSO-LJ-PROD-02 IBM 000-104 Practice Test officers, he said, We occupied the east of the country not just to occupy it, and above all, to organize it themselves before we get to the coal, iron and oil to fight this war. If we IBM 000-104 Practice Test can end our high command specified time in the Caucasus fighting, our hands have Europe s most abundant oil provinces. and who owns wheat, oil, coal and iron, whoever wins the war. 000-104 see the Soviet Union Defense Ministry Archives Archives file 209, number 1019, file 283, page 139. Hitler gangst.

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