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IBM 000-225 Dumps yonet scarification those defenseless C_AUDSEC_731 people. Finally, the Fascists did not die again 9A0-347 left to the people rushed to a shed, and lit the fire. Whole Huoluo Jeff Scarborough Town ACSO-NH-WK4-6J-01 Asia only four survived. See Krasnodar Krai Party Archives File file 4372, number 1, dossier 24, p. 95. December 30, 1942, Hitler bandits on the peaceful inhabitants de Anaya town to conduct a brutal massacre. Fascist bandits shot on the streets of the town more than 50 infants and elderly women. After that, the executioners again the rest of the IBM 000-225 Dumps residents of the town to catch Asia, the way they keep killing these unarmed people. The town house was burned, livestock were driven light robbed things. See Krasnodar Krai Party Archives File file 4372, number 1, dossier 2, p. 513. France and Germany invaders only in Krasnodar Krai on a ground shot, hanged, poisoned and tortured in Gestapo torture chambers and killed 61,540 people mainly women, SFC2.5 elderly and children in the car suffocation, and IBM 000-225 Exam the more than 32,000 IBM 000-225 Dumps young people rushed to Germany to do hard labor. We can see that Hitler s execut.

should be ready. See the Soviet Ministry of Defense Archives File file 48 A, number 1554, file 10, 000-225 pp. 352 353 However, the implementation of the above directives to be very slow. November 22, the High Command 000-225 had to remind the head of the North Caucasus Military District again can not allow defense jobs like this slowly and do it. Especially in this instruction, the high command so that they not only pay attention to build against the enemy attack from the sea, but also pay attention to build a land attack against the enemy fortifications. The document states To our IBM 000-225 Dumps knowledge, the lack of Taman Peninsula and the North Caucasus including 51 independent army zone CATV613X-ICM defense work organization and progress is slow. I suggest that you 1. 133-S-715.2 To take all measures to accelerate the army on various areas of defense fortifications constructed, first Taman Peninsula and Anapa, Novorossiysk, Georgia Lynch g soil and the Arab Puxie Hai military base territory to build fortifications. 2. In Tuzla Sha Tsui, Qiushi ACSO-REVG-01 Ka Sha Tsui, Crotone, 6.0 Heights bar 3 km west of the card too.theast Kazakhstan to Nalchik attack soft Virginia area. 875 regiment to attack Siegel Peg day. 395 group after the break through the enemy cover positions as a Nalchik suburb 000-225 fierce enemy machine gun fire of the resistance. In this case, teachers were allowed to maneuver around to the north to assault the enemy. 395 Mission shade to meet the enemy, the enemy does not relent to appear in front of the enemy. Guard soldiers into the city, fierce street fighting. Hitler gangsters feel something bad, he turned and ran away. Nearly noon, Nalchik IBM 000-225 Dumps liberated. Nalchik in the liberation battle, ZJN0-633 our army destroyed hundreds Mingfaxisi bandits seized 26 artillery, machine guns quite 4l, 50 mortars, 27 cars and a lot of other weapons technology. See the USSR Ministry of Defense Archives File file 1047, number 1, dossier 11, p. 160. The liberation of the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Kabardino Balkaria, IBM 000-225 the entire campaign in pursuit IBM 000-225 of great IBM 000-225 Dumps significance. It was the London radio station claimed after the Russians recaptured the city of Nalchik, the Germans lost a wo.

000-225 Dumps IBM 000-225 Dumps e than 500 emission points. Leading to Novorossiysk close to the road being build Novorossiysk perimeter defense positions, it IBM 000-225 Dumps has built more than 100 emission points. IBM 000-225 Dumps Thus, in the North Caucasus, mainly in the Azov and the Black Sea coast to build fortifications, from the west to build 920-122 the defense work bundle and from the north, that is, in front of the Kuban and the Caucasus Piedmont did not build fortifications. North Caucasus Army Logistics agencies can IBM 000-225 Dumps not handle their task. Because the Army s logistics agency is pressing security needs of 70-505-VB the Azov Sea coast supply combat troops deployed. In addition, the mass evacuation to the rear and national precious materials but also to force the logistics of bringing trouble IBM 000-225 Dumps all the roads are a boundless uprooted people, vehicles and stuffed animals, the railway is crowded drain is clogged. All this affected the actions of troops and logistical work. July 29, in the vicinity of the enemy s vanguard Nuowo Ba spent too Gdansk Calgary ear Nick river, in the 18th Army troops break resistance, continue south and southe.

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