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Microsoft 070-346 Practice g Microsoft 070-346 the combined arms forces to cover them from enemy hands submachine gun shooting. Fast anti tank reserves in the pre prepared expanded area entered when, due to air cover. Reserve should be given anti tank equipped with traction tool, so that they have a high degree of mobility. It should be noted, in the Caucasus Battle tanks defense does not fully comply with all requirements of the fighting. In the later years of the Great Patriotic War, it has been further improved. But the experience of the Caucasus Battle Tank defense wins, and today still has Microsoft 070-346 Practice its practical significance, because in future wars if the imperialists to launch it no tanks heavily Group of combat operations is incredible. Under the conditions of the mountain theater, aviation been widely Microsoft 070-346 Practice used. Soviet Air Force actively participated in the Battle of the Caucasus. In the mountainous war zone, increasing the role of aviation They do not like artillery and Microsoft 070-346 Dumps tanks as restricted Microsoft 070-346 Practice terrain, aviation facilitate maneuvering in the mountains. Defensive battle, often to strengthen aviation artillery fire.

53, dossier 43, pp. 122 124 ECSS Black instruct owned fleet operations on the North Caucasus Army Command commander. Order Transcaucasian Army Defence Kaya Black Sea Coast Microsoft 070-346 Practice to Batumi between soil to defend the Soviet Union and responsible for border security and the 45th Army COG-132 stationed in Iran s military command. In addition, any order of the Caucasus Army of the North Caucasus Army to be strong support in weapons, ammunition, fuel, medical direction. Ibid., P. 129. As early as January 24, the Black Sea Microsoft 070-346 Practice cluster commander gave the 47th Army issued a task naval landing force fit, break and destroy the enemy s face, and captured Kaya before Feb. 5 , Anapa area, and Microsoft 070-346 Practice later continued to Taman, Salim left post grams attack, eliminate enemies on the Taman Peninsula. 47th Army Infantry should be 216 Division commander A M Pula Mai Nevsky Major General , 176 Infantry Division commander 070-229 Colonel C M Buxie Fu , 337 Infantry Division Commander H N Benjamin Ignatiev Colonel , 383rd A2010-579 Microsoft 070-346 infantry division commander K N general Valov Major 000-M72 general , 8th Guards infantry brigade and Marin.offensive steering southeast, and later turn 4th Army tanks turned and began to attack the southeast along the right bank Microsoft 070-346 Exam of the Don to and development of offensive attempt Figure F millerovo army on the right bank of the Don. Hitler bandits 4th Army tanks and policy break after the Sixth Army in 070-346 the Southwest Army Corps forces and resistance, in mid July into millerovo region, threatening the southern army troops each flank and rear security. This ice enemy tanks First Army South Army continues to oppress me back the right wing forces to retreat Microsoft 070-346 Practice into the area south of millerovo. July 15 to the front end of the day, the enemy on the broad front of the Don and Donets River between the North broke through the Soviet defenses in an attempt to once again close Microsoft 070-346 Practice to the ground C6010-G40 in Rostov surrounded by south west front and Microsoft 070-346 Practice the South Army troops. But the enemy of this attempt also failed to succeed HC-035-350-CHS army July 24 to abandon Rostov, Don had to withdraw, get rid of the enemy encirclement. Thus the end of July 1942, to form a direct threat to the enemy invasion Caucasus. H.

070-346 Practice and Navy liberate our dear city of Novorossiysk time Microsoft 070-346 Practice coming. You people know that we are with you, we work with the Red Army and Navy fighters have scored suburbs and continue 070-346 to move forward. Novorossiysk will be ours, but also in the red flag flying over it Elimination of Germany and France Eliminate despicable traitor and traitors Kill the executioner and fascist lackeys Trying to prevent the enemy from looting, the destruction of our city You wait, we will be back, we in your side, we have to fight back C2140-130 together with the Red Army and Navy We will be back Novorossiysk city is ours, is 000-236 Soviet. Novorossiysk 070-346 guerrillas. See Krasnodar Krai Party Archives File file 4372, number 1, dossier 24a, page 33. The moment HP3-X04 has finally arrived. September 9, when darkness closed Kline Ye gram Bay when soldiers began boarding the landing, to the 2l, paragraph l Landing Team and the second team has landed on board completed 15 minutes after departure. Landing Team 3rd boarding delayed one hour, and should accelerate the speed to catch up with the first echelon of the landin.

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