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Microsoft 070-462 Study Guides on the defensive the entire C_BOWI_40 front of the commanding heights of the leading edge and other locations also easy to observe the opening of the Army observation. Army Intelligence School at the Army Staff and reconnaissance team raid behind enemy lines from the previous alterations in these observations are observed. These observations are between Army Intelligence Department and has direct access to private telephone, sometimes, important information directly to the Army chief of staff, even the army commander reports. This will speed up the report to IY0-120 the heads of the enemy army of speed. Dubbed the remote reconnaissance group in particular are unique and instructive. Long range reconnaissance group in the enemy 070-462 army to blue line before attacking the season and Kuban and Taman Peninsula in pursuit of Microsoft 070-462 Study Guides the enemy in the process, Microsoft 070-462 Study Guides more positive activities. For Microsoft 070-462 Study Guides example, 000-205 September 10, there are four reconnaissance group from Armagh Nath Gore Nuoye on Erbakan Si Keye, new Crimean Chomsky Gerard Kaya Krakow, Microsoft 070-462 Study Guides Kiev Adams Kaya Kaya routes into the enemy s rear. They returne.

shal Ye , have played very outstanding. Including in particular Microsoft 070-462 Study Guides Luci Ji Fu colonel commanding Microsoft 070-462 Study Guides the 318th Infantry Division, once the Order of Lenin and the Red Banner twice winner command of Major General Albert Shen Caifu Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Supreme Soviet command Irkutsk Guards infantry 55 division, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Kozlov red medal independent Marines 83rd brigade, commanded by Colonel Microsoft 070-462 Study Guides Shu Cherenkov 5th Guards tank brigade, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel NKVD independent infantry 290 group, an independent Baodiliefu Navy Marine Corps captain commanded the 393rd battalion, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Gu Microsoft 070-462 Study Guides Bristol Black Sea fleet 11th assault aviation division, commanded by Maj Maxi Minc 88th Guards fighter aviation 000-356 regiment , the command of major Baoqia Petrova night bomber 889th regiment, the general Klitschko Navy torpedo boat commanded by Lieutenant Colonel second detachment, red medal winners Turkoglu Hof Navy captain commanded corvettes 1st Battalion, Xi Piya gold Navy captain commanded corvettes 4th Battalion.ould be greatly improved. They should lead by example and often do political and ideological work, to Microsoft 070-462 Study Guides 070-462 influence every soldier, so that they keep their morale up. Army newspapers to improve frontline soldiers thought, inspire them to successfully complete combat missions, played a major role. Army and Navy published in Microsoft 070-462 newspapers to promote the party and government policies, the purpose of the Great Patriotic War of justice, 000-009 combat experience to Microsoft 070-462 Dumps promote its widespread introduction Caucasus Campaign exemplary deeds of heroes to the troops, the soldiers love the motherland education, hated enemy. Red Army soldiers Newspaper , Red Cavalry News , Forward Newspaper to defend the motherland, Red Black Sea sailors News , Fatherland Defenders News , Motherland banner C2140-136 , defend the motherland News , to defend the newspaper , Red Caspian sailors News and other newspapers widely in the armed forces spread. War correspondent C Bauer Law Division, B Microsoft 070-462 Zac Rutter Kim, A Kalinin, Pavlodar lianke, A Pell literary Cardiff, E Biteluofu, A Safronov , N Shell Stravinsky, N Shuduo Fu.

070-462 Study Guides , Marco artillery correction whistle Ka Baer Teuge Heights and given cards to carry out the art with the assistance of the task. A 050-V60 C Teka Cinco captain is responsible for correcting whistle effectively protect the Soviet artillery shot to give them instructions should suppress enemy artillery and mortar company s position, should destroy Microsoft 070-462 Study Guides the enemy infantry assembled, car team, emission point position. The battery GSSP-JAVA to the forward defensive positions sent artillery observer, and keep radio contact with them, MB3-216 they can Microsoft 070-462 Exam apply for timely receipt of firepower defense forces commander. When the battery receives these signals and correcting the target coordinates provided by the whistle 070-462 HP5-H09D immediately fired. According to Article 394 artillery and even combat log records, during the year it shot a total of 691 times, destroy enemy tanks 12 which burned five, destroying 7 , shot down five enemy aircraft, suppress the enemy fire 115 times, eliminate carriage infantry and supplies 200 cars, destroying ammunition depots, Block 2, destroy a railway station Si Hake US artillery.

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