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Lpi 102-400 Study Material ower of technology and equipment can not be full, Lpi 102-400 Study Material the use of frontal assault against the Highlands and Yamaguchi, does not work. In this case, usually surrounded by the enemy and the detour from the wings, behind enemy lines to send small groups of ITIL-F-CHS submachine gun hand Lpi 102-400 off its retreat. Mountain attack speed depends largely on existing roads, repair the situation and the progress of new roads. Hou beginning, the enemy in Lpi 102-400 Study Material the mountains of defense is Lpi 102-400 Study Material intermittent, with obvious defensive anchor type for example, in the area of defense Semashenhuo GB0-283 mountain. However, to be transferred to the army to attack the enemy s defense began to strengthen, among the supporting points and the resistance between the hub portion additional trench. The blue line , the enemy trench style defense reached its peak level. Army Defense is 102-400 characterized by the depth of Japanese full enthusiasm. For example, in the soil apo Xie directions, our army defense in depth within the rear area of the brothers Hill, Forest Hill, British long Keshan fortified high ground Shoubing, played an Lpi 102-400 Study Material impo.

ctively sought to participate in the selection of the impact of 642-444 some comrades to perform this mission. Reconnaissance company launched a surprise night attack, rushed into the residential. After the enemy was beaten senseless head turned to Hitler bandits put down more than 20 bodies scattered 111-056 on the battlefield in the escape. In Lpi 102-400 this direction the enemy attack was blocked. political instructor was seriously wounded in the battle, but he has refused to leave the line of Lpi 102-400 Study Material fire. October 7, the 18th Army troops on the central area of the Group and destroy the enemy by Guna sosnovka Group, 236th infantry division, 12th Guards Cavalry Division, 1Z0-041 40th motorized infantry brigade and 119 brigades implemented a counter assault, but did not organize because of the fighting and not fully prepared so counter assault, did not work. On the same day, the commander of the Black Sea cluster command 18 Army commander action to stop this mess, do not disperse Lpi 102-400 Dumps troops on the Guna Eka and geographical enemies Group to implement a continuous assault. Until October 9th, 18th Army to p.panic, but with the passage of the artillery fire hit a withdraw. After the shells lighting, the battalion commanders to 1Z0-451 follow the glorious traditions of the artillery he took assault rifles, bayonets and grenades to destroy the enemy. After the camp surrounded by 102-400 prominent, Lpi 102-400 Study Material it has 1Z1-101 been pressed into the mountain in front of the enemy, nor an escape route. Suohe Luo Kefu captain led the battalion commanders and the enemy fought ten days and nights, and played for themselves a road over the mountain retreat. November 5, 1942, the battalion and the 383 Infantry Division joined by personnel and artillery were to break out. Lpi 102-400 Study Material The battalion commanders and fighters under the command of Commander Suohe Comrade Luo Kefu proper fulfillment of the military MB6-291 oath, fought bravely with the enemy, brave exceptions and carry forward the spirit of selfless as army soldiers set to defend our sacred homeland heroic example. All officers and men to heroic artillery regiment Lpi 102-400 Study Material 963 3rd Battalion tribute, I Black Sea clusters all artillery and infantry all have to learn from them. All.

102-400 Study Material phill battle. 37th Army under guard to cover southeast of Stavropol retreat. After a 102-400 strong enemy tanks assault cluster implementation, I break the 37th Army rearguard resistance, on August 5 to oppress their subjects Revnice Cove, Nadezhda, Chhabra area and captured the Stavropol. Enemy occupation of Stavropol and later Lpi 102-400 Exam to continue to Nirvana text Nuomaisike, Mineralnye Vody, Gdansk direction to expand affirmative action. In accordance with the instructions of the High Command, the two detachment transferred to this direction. Kamenev Lpi 102-400 Study Material Cole leaves the command of Major detachment by the four lower bracket of infantry and artillery HP0-719 compiled 6 occupied by Nuoye defense on Poco, Erhan Geer Si Keye area Season Could command of Major General Yevgeny the detachment in Nina station, Mineralnye Vody area Kuma River the occupation line of defense, this detachment from 70-330 the Rostov artillery school, Poltava tractor school, riding school Gdansk, the Ordzhonikidze 2 machine gun infantry school even, advanced Lpi 102-400 Study Material infantry school, three motorized infantry battalion, a motorized i.

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