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Lpi 117-202 Questions planes were deployed 850 sorties. Soviet fighter to wipe out 220-701 the invaders dispatched 3l0 sorties, shot down 25 enemy aircraft, his losses at 18. From this day, in the Crimea over the town of Kaya beginning of a air war, which lasted Lpi 117-202 Questions several days, the battle space is very short. According to the original plan, I should be Air Force aerial firepower in April 28 the night of the 56th Army offensive zone. In fact, the day did not wait for nightfall, there 300-135 are two bomber groups each group of nine aircraft flew HP0-S36 over enemy Crimean Kaya Town area. They incendiary arson at several places in order to indicate the target fleet later. After dark, Lpi 117-202 Exam the 4th Army Air Force bombers and long range aircraft began 117-202 bombing the enemy artillery positions. Lpi 117-202 Questions During the first two Lpi 117-202 Dumps hours of the bombing, the enemy antiaircraft fire also attempted to block frustrate me bombers, but soon they were always suppressed and stopped shooting. Our aircraft without a loss. That night, our bombers out 379 sorties, bombing 210 tons. See the USSR Ministry of Defense Archives File File 224, No. 932, do.

lometers in depth A2150-038 about loo road barrier zone, the first is to be set up anti tank and anti infantry obstacles obstacle on the most likely enemy attack direction. Each command has 000-217 also been commander of Army, independent infantry and cavalry army 17th army ready to blow up all the facilities on the road, and prepare the destruction of some sections, laid minefields, Lpi 117-202 Questions ready to turn on the water and causing flooding swamps destroy military targets and railway hub at the forefront of the main defensive zone before and after the various areas of defense, set a depth of 6 8 km barrier zone in those areas should be set aside can be closed at a path for our troops. 1Z0-501 However, most of the above plan 117-202 is not implemented. July 19, the head of the General Staff to the Lpi 117-202 Questions North Caucasus Army Lpi 117-202 Questions issued instructions, they noted serious shortcomings in the organization of defense in the North Caucasus According to the General Staff A00-205 understand that you in the Azov Sea, the Black Sea coast and the south bank of the Don build defenses tissue engineering and fortifications on the job, t.courageous fight, destroy the seven enemy, and finally outnumbered 000-897 heroic sacrifice. guerrillas in fighting around the play is also very good. Here, N Morozov, C Fedotov, B season Bulatovic, etc. comrades awarded exploits. Head of hybrid guerrilla group A de Orinoco Zoff are heroically here. October 26, held a meeting Stavropol border with the party committee staff in Kizlyar. Border party first secretary M A Suslov asked to explain why the guerrillas without Borders Party eastern allowed, incorporated on the 10th Cavalry Lpi 117-202 Questions Division in the sequence. He pointed out that the guerrillas into the army cavalry unit formed completely unnecessary, and even harmful. Hundreds of people for a military, nothing is real value. However, in the guerrilla struggle behind enemy lines break, it makes Hitler bandit Lpi 117-202 Questions can safely concentrate our forces to deal with the cavalry. If the eastern region alone guerrilla activities behind enemy lines, they will be able to contain a large part of the German troops, and thus the enemy of my cavalry resistance will inevitably weakened. 9A0-502 Peop.

117-202 Questions r the enemy coast. Zem Niyazov warrant officer led the Lpi 117-202 reconnaissance team first on the shore, Lpi 117-202 and then 117-202 Gary Ning Dawei and columns Stravinsky sergeant led Lpi 117-202 Questions group also on the shore. May 1 dawn on the top of the hill in front of the Lpi 117-202 Questions card shots rang out. This is the column Stravinsky sergeant led the group attack. Several times more 000-956 than their enemies. Battle played very cruel, scouts were almost sacrificed. But then proceeds to card close to a group led by Gary Ning Dawei, immediately ambush. They machine gun fire swept the fascist bandits, Lpi 117-202 Questions enemy corpses piled up at the entrance to the canyon ambush them, killing and wounding a few minutes to more than 150 enemy soldiers. Fighting has played for two hours. Andi sailors along the opposite slope and the battle and retreat. However, the two sides forces difference is too poor. A colonel here so that they supervise enemy soldiers captured Gary Ning Dawei. Encirclement smaller and smaller, Hitler culprits to Gary Ning Dawei towards me. After Kalinin of enemies rushed to finish the last bullet, a lame limped down the.

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