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VMware 1V0-601 PDF tablished North Caucasus Front, the jurisdiction of the VMware 1V0-601 Exam 24th Army, Ninth Army, 50-650 37th Group level, 56 Army, 12 Army, 18 Army, 5l Group vehicles and 47th Army, independent infantry of the first army and cavalry 17 army. However, the 9th Army and 24th Army retreated behind the adaptation go. As a result, the more than 1,000 kilometer front fighting only six Army, an infantry corps and a cavalry corps of count 23 infantry divisions, five cavalry divisions and nine infantry brigades. North Caucasus Army equipment item is not established teams. Many small and poorly equipped army number, ammunition less, especially shells, anti tank bullets, grenades and anti tank grenades. Army armored tanks only 74 tanks and 11 armored vehicles. North Caucasus Army Air Force Air Force 4th Army commander of the K A Virgin Xining Air Force Major General and the Fifth Army Air Force Commander Air Marshal Guo Ivanov left compiled a total of only 230 aircraft , combined 1V0-601 with each Air Corps VMware 1V0-601 Dumps base and away from the front line fifth Army Air Force fighter and bomber of about 100 kilometer.

of the Navy on July 23, 1941 Black Sea Fleet command in the compiled form Azov Sea Fleet Commander A Capt. Alexander Lavrov, military members A VMware 1V0-601 PDF A RSM brigade commissar, chief of staff N A Fu Luolikefu navy lieutenant colonel. August 15, from 000-N27 Kerch to Zhdanov today New fleet of ships this are three gunboats, five frigates and seven minesweepers. Three weeks later, and compiled into the flotilla a fighter aviation brigade nine aircraft , after a month, and VMware 1V0-601 creation of an independent detachment of the Don four river gunboats 200-900 and eight frigates. Ibid., File 175, file 32678, pp. 1 2 In addition to the Black Sea Fleet out of these formations, but also make stationed VMware 1V0-601 in 000-864 Crimea naval squadron, naval bases and troops and weapons in the Air Force compiled participate Caucasus Battle. At that time cruisers our military equipment, ships and destroyers flooding hit the collar has a good tactical and technical performance, especially the VMware 1V0-601 PDF big speed, firepower, gun flexible manipulation. Very modern submarines, 000-420 torpedoes and artillery weapons powerful, high water speed, bu.tts this girl. Poor mother stood weeping disheveled, as if she was crazy. No, Coria, I never finish was our sin is hell, probably much more than this to feel better. I was under their 1Z0-522 lives, and never will forget VMware 1V0-601 PDF these fascist gangsters. I will curse them forever. VMware 1V0-601 PDF Children Oh Blessings to you my loved ones and visions commanded you, for your sister Na season revenge for our looted the village for all the country s revenge. In the army passed around with such a letter. This is VMware 1V0-601 PDF the VMware 1V0-601 PDF most powerful propaganda and agitation. Political authorities have done a lot of VMware 1V0-601 PDF organizational work. First, restore the branch, we have taken measures to strengthen the Communist Youth League organizations. Party organizations at all levels to strengthen the party and political work in the armed forces, but also for local residents to work. Using all methods and means of agitation and propaganda, the people, the masses of the people of our country and shows a serious danger Pro to frontline commanders and rear workers united HP0-671 in a single fighting camp. Front of the grave situation in.

1V0-601 PDF of LX0-101 the total transport volume. The most important task of the Caucasus to M4040-502 the Black Sea Fleet in the Battle of the provisions of guarantee unimpeded sea lines VMware 1V0-601 PDF of VMware 1V0-601 PDF communication along the Caucasus successfully completed. Although the enemy torpedo boat, particularly a fierce enemy aviation obstruction, but the army s maritime transport at the end of a day interrupted. During the Battle of the Caucasus, Caspian fleet to defend our country this is particularly important ACSO-ACC-03 sea lanes, the Red Army, the Navy and the national economy needed oil, gasoline and lubricants material VMware 1V0-601 PDF via this route are from the time of the country s total annual oil production Two thirds of producing transport out. Flotilla sailors and shipping companies through sailors 1V0-601 fought bravely and selfless labor, 1V0-601 in addition to outside the Caucasus Army to transport troops and supplies, but also successfully completed this strategic transport tasks. They brought in the army and navy to annihilate enemy Caucasus all necessities. Black Sea Fleet, the Azov Sea Fleet and the Caspian fleet gloriously com.

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