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Oracle 1Z1-863 Cert day the enemy air force to bomb the small ground, sometimes as high Oracle 1Z1-863 Cert as 2,000 sorties as much as one day. Enemy tanks Oracle 1Z1-863 Cert and infantry then once again turns impact on me. However, Oracle 1Z1-863 Cert all this is futile. The enemy s attack were all little way defenders indomitable defense HP0-850 shattered. Soviets still 1Z1-863 adhere to their own positions, to carry forward the incomparable bravery and Yingtao spirit. 47th Army troops brave, contain a large number of enemy troops, defeated the enemy along the Mae Bay waterfront attempt to attack me. 9L0-612 Si Hake US beachhead, this is my blood of the military seized from the enemy, and headed towards the nearest one Oracle 1Z1-863 flank Novorossiysk on the way. Army aviation impact in the fight against the enemy of beauty Si Hake of HP0-Y30 battle, played a major role. They use a lot of intensive activities to contain the assault of the enemy s attack, forcing the enemy air force reduced level of activity. 17 army commander had Oracle 1Z1-863 to A Army Group Headquarters Report The Russian people from the landing area to today s Novorossiysk Russian Air Force and Air Force attack on the air.

but the German General Staff Headquarters and at all costs to have tried to return its military prestige, regain lost the Oracle 1Z1-863 Cert initiative and would like to reverse the course of the war. To this end, the German high command decided to Soviet German front in the summer of 1943 launched a Oracle 1Z1-863 Cert 646-272 massive offensive. From strategic considerations, the German high command that the Kursk salient is the best offensive starting area. The offensive campaign code named fortress combat program in April 1943 on the development of better. According to the intention of the German high command, the implementation of fortress combat purpose is to destroy 070-573 070-506-CSHARP the Central and Voronezh Front Army Kursk salient on me. Hitler s high command of the battle pinned great ST0-073 hopes. Former Hitler generals Manstein wrote in his memoirs Fortress Oracle 1Z1-863 Exam battle is a decisive Oracle 1Z1-863 Cert turning point in the Eastern war. Hitler s High Command to expect once the campaign is successful, other locations can take this favorable fighter attack. However, the Soviet High Command in time to see through the conspiracy of the enemy, to t.According to May 1, 1942 statistics juice, various units of the North Caucasus Military District only five to 40 percent of people have arms, some to be even a flak did not, nor military fighter aviation. See the USSR Ministry of Defense Archives File File 224, No. 760, dossier 7, pp. 23 26 May 4, 1942, the North Caucasus Military District Command, issued a call to arms, calls for measures to protect important targets not destroyed airborne change and destruction of the group, such as guarding the main bridges, tunnels and viaducts, protection Xianyao Yamaguchi there may be an enemy bombing destroy and cause some long pass traffic jams , protect important water sources, airport, warehouses, and garrison guard and other Oracle 1Z1-863 Cert troops are stationed in the night and asked to Oracle 1Z1-863 Cert be patrolling. Ibid., Dossier 26, p. 7 Within the scope of the North Caucasus Military District center is located within the jurisdiction of the district and the main inhabitants established annihilating camp, these camps are wiped out by the party and government organs activists inside and enliste.

1Z1-863 Cert s a wooden launch point in the suburbs appear. This is located in the northwest 1Z1-863 of the city between the two HP0-M32 roads in the nature of the soil emission point total of four Red Army soldiers Communist 1Z1-506 Mikheyev and Sergei Kupriyanov, Komsomolets N. Willy Chico, non party members Al Dunin. November 2 whole day, which several warriors in the earth wooden launch point in the fight against Oracle 1Z1-863 Cert the impact of the mad fascist bandits again and again. In the evening, troops received orders to retreat The fifth day morning, Ken Soviet enemy off again. Then, from this point in the soil Oracle 1Z1-863 Dumps 1Z1-863 emission wood dangling come out three soldiers, their bodies slim, facial burns a flame, hands still carrying a comrade in arms. 3rd Battalion party group length Mikheyev the charred pieces of paper to the troops of the Political Department, who reported them to the Communists this small Shoubing Hitler culprits Oracle 1Z1-863 Cert behind the flames for five days and nights after fighting. Party group statement credited to a long recording session of the General Assembly MB7-225 meeting of the members of the party t.

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