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Cisco 210-060 Vce e liver. Spleen and kidney glass bottles filled within three lbs. E intestinal sung in six lbs pottery inside. Etc. The President read the outset, a judge 1Z0-878 leaned over and whispered something, then turned to another judge to get them answered in the affirmative, he interrupted Registry said The court held that there is no need to read this file. Registry live in the mouth, clean up the files. Deputy Prosecutor angrily remember anything. Gentlemen of the jury can examine the evidence. The President declared. Foreman 000-109 and several other jurors have stood up and walked to the table at a loss. They in turn look at rings. Glass bottle and filter. The merchant tried it on his finger the ring. Ooh, good thick fingers. He returned to his seat, said, resembled a thick cucumber. Added, and relish the Cisco 210-060 Vce suspect poisoning killed like a businessman must Hercules. twenty one Physical evidence examination, the President announced the end of the court investigation. He hopes to settle the case Cisco 210-060 Vce quickly, do not rest, then please ask Deputy Prosecutor Prosecution statement. He is.

to the region from Oerlikon Costa Mozdok direction. In the direction of Mozdok, North cluster face of the enemy total two tank divisions 3rd tank division and 13 division and two infantry divisions 111 infantry divisions and policy division. 370. In Nalchik direction, leaving 210-060 the enemy tank divisions and 23 Cisco 210-060 Vce infantry mountain Romanian 2nd Division. Before hostilities began, the two sides contrast troops infantry, C2180-275 I dominate, tanks, enemy dominant HP2-037 three enemy tank division with tanks Cisco 210-060 340 meter, 5 times the northern cluster. In advance of Cisco 210-060 Vce our army detachment , budyonnovsk Voland and husband Alexander measures Khabarovsk region, and August ACP-004 18 in contact with the enemy infantry 52nd Army troops fighting. The number of each advance MB7-846 detachment sent little Cisco 210-060 Vce northern cluster, their actions are mainly reconnaissance in nature. The detachment could not block the enemy s attack Tank Corps, August 21 forced to Mozdok war and back namely their main front retreat. However, the forward detachment of action, after all, played a significant role they forced the enemy tanks car drove into a nursing home the gate portion, jumped from the car seven German soldiers. They dragged out from the 54 year old nursing home more 210-060 seriously ill children, put them into a pile in the car stack several layers these HC-031-122-ENU seriously ill children can not move around, so there is no whip them catch the bus , then slammed They closed the door EE0-011 and emit toxic gases carbon monoxide , out of nursing homes. An hour later, the car returned to teberda village. All children are murdered Cisco 210-060 in cold blood. Gong Qi body thrown near Gul teberda Canyon. A little earlier than this tragedy, in October 1942 l0 days, Hitler gangsters in Yei Trask to 214 kindergarten children pulled alive to the outskirts of the geography. In Asia Huoluo Jeff Scarborough Town, evil fascist robber inhabitants of the town rushed to the town square, the activists forced their town, the Red Army and Communist families pay out. Residents improper 1Z1-885 traitor, did not betray their own people to the fascist gangsters. So people started to Hitler bandits purposes brutal massacre. They hacked with a ba.

210-060 Vce he troops at night transferred to the heat Lezgin Tarnovo De Sike, horse farm north Pia season Gore Lasker the implementation of a 210-060 violent assault. The enemy broke Cisco 210-060 Vce Cisco 210-060 Vce through the defense NKVD 11th Infantry Division on lots. Pia Gore season Gdansk the direction of Nalchik road, leaving the OSDBG-01 frontier 26th Regiment 400 only. On August 9 at night and 10 during the day and night, the regiment in the city of Gdansk Pia quarter Gore fierce Cisco 210-060 Vce street fighting, with heavy losses to the enemy. In the battle, border guards soldiers to destroy the enemy tanks 5, l0 armored personnel carriers, 10 cars loaded with ammunition and more than 100 Hitler bandits. When the enemy horse farm expansion victories, all the way to the column Cisco 210-060 Vce Pia season Goldoni Gdansk, Mineralnye Vody assault, assault from the south facing the back of the unit Gdansk Cavalry School. Cavalry School students in the case of almost all sides is surrounded with the enemy tanks and motorized infantry fighting Cisco 210-060 Exam heroically Cisco 210-060 Dumps for three days and three nights. School teachers and students in good at Cisco 210-060 Vce fighting organized hea.

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