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    8th November 2019

    Remembrance Day will be observed on Sunday November 10, 2019 to honour those who died in the World Wars and other conflicts.

    Also referred to as Poppy Day, Remembrance Day honours the heroic efforts, achievements and sacrifices that were made in the 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 world wars. The Commemoration, including Church Service, Wreath Laying Ceremony and Parade, will commence at 8:00 am on Sunday, 10th November 2019 at the War Memorial in Little Bay, opposite the Public Market.

    Members of our Uniformed Bodies will be on parade.

    All those who have been honoured with medals are asked to wear their decorations.

    Come out and join us for the Parade, Wreath Laying Ceremony and Church Service on Remembrance Day Sunday.

    The order of Service for Remembrance Day is available here:

    Remembrance Sunday Order of Service 2019 (booklet) – UPDATED – November 8 2019


    7th November 2019

    GIU Davy Hill, Montserrat (Thursday, November 7, 2019) – A Literacy Programme to encourage reading in the Primary Schools has been launched this month (November) by the Montserrat Public Library.

    The announcement was made by Senior Clerical Officer at the Public Library, Fiona Meade during a ‘Government In Focus’ GIU interview, prior to the launch.

    While explaining the initiative, Meade said, “We are trying to get the Schools to encourage reading among the children…we are targeting the Look Out Primary School in this semester, so we have sent out some registration forms.” She further explained that once the registration forms are received, then the staff at the library will check their system and see who is registered. Those who are not registered, will be entered into the Library’s system.

    Following this, staff will go to the school with books for the children to borrow. In an effort to ensure the students have actually read the books, the Library staff will give the students a note sheet on which they will be required to make notes about the book they have read.

    The other two Primary Schools – Brades and St. Augustine, will be targeted next semester.

  • Policy Removing Savings Requirements from Permanent Residence Permit In Effect

    5th November 2019

    The Consular Division of the Office of the Deputy Governor is advising individuals that the policy removing the savings requirements from the Permanent Residence Permit came into effect on October 7th 2019.

    Therefore, the Consular Division would not have been in a position to accept nor process permanent residence applications before that date as there was no legal basis upon which to do so.

    This policy is only applicable to individuals who have been a resident on Montserrat for 12 years or more and is only available for a limited time.

    In relation, to the issue of requesting bank statements, applicants are advised that as per Regulation 3(c), they are required to provide proof to the satisfaction of the Governor, that he or she has consistent and adequate income from employment or any other source, to maintain himself or herself and dependents who live in Montserrat.

    The provision of a Bank statement is one such piece of proof which helps to satisfy this requirement.

    The Office of Deputy Governor is, therefore, asking applicants who have any further questions or comments on the application process for Permanent Residency in Montserrat under the new residency savings waiver to contact the Office of the Deputy.

    All applications for permanent residency are approved by Cabinet.


    5th November 2019

    Tuesday, November 5, 2019 (Davy Hill, Montserrat) – Montserrat was represented at the twenty-fifth annual Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Conference & Tradeshow held in Puerto Rico from October 21 to 25. Director of Tourism, Mr. Warren Solomon was accompanied by Managing Director of Lena’s Enterprises Ltd., Mrs. Adelina Tuitt at the event.

    Mr Warren Solomon, Director of Tourism is 2nd from left, with Mrs. Adelina Tuitt, Managing Director of Lena’s Enterprises 4th from left. The Hon. Charles Fernandez, Min. of Tourism & Investment for Antigua & Barbuda is at right, with Mr Colin James, Director of Tourism in Antigua 4th from right.


    The FCCA Conference is a four-day event designed to foster a better understanding of the inner workings of the cruise industry, and help attendees improve their cruise tourism business. Esteemed cruise line executives who decide where ships call, what is sold and used onboard, and how to invest in destinations and infrastructure were on-hand to meet with tourism representatives, port officials, tour operators and shipping agents.

    Mr. Solomon and Mrs. Tuitt joined the delegation from Antigua & Barbuda, which was led by Minister of Tourism & Investment, the Hon. Charles Fernandez. As part of the ongoing marketing cooperation between Montserrat and Antigua & Barbuda, they were able to operate from their pavilion, where they conducted meetings and distributed promotional material.


    5th November 2019

    Tuesday, November 5, 2019 (Davy Hill, Montserrat) – Three energy awareness competitions have been organised by the Energy Unit, in the Ministry of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour (MCWEL), as part of activities to observe CARICOM Energy Month.

    CARICOM Energy Month began on November 1st, under the theme, ‘Empowering people, building resilience’. “The Energy Unit plans to build upon this theme by hosting a series of competitions that will give the people of Montserrat an opportunity to become more aware of different aspects of energy and their role in moving Montserrat forward into the future of energy,” explained Director of Energy, Mr. Kenrick Burke.

    Throughout the month residents will have the opportunity to participate in a Junior Energy Ambassador Essay Competition, Poster Competition and a Facebook Video Competition.

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