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Cisco 300-208 Dumps alists compete Caucasus program on the Cisco 300-208 Dumps other hand the meaning to resist the influence of Russia and with the United Kingdom in the Caucasus Turkey stood our ground. The problem is just the beginning of World War I, the German imperialist adventure bankruptcy plan would foregone conclusion. Their actual ability can not meet their arrogant aggressive ambitions. German imperialists was to contain the Allied armed forces in 1Z0-574 Europe, we had to temporarily abandon the interests in the Caucasus and Turkey. In 1918, soon after the establishment of Soviet power in Russia, the German imperialist policy of aggression against the Caucasus and the new phase of the strategy began. In February 1918 after the joint armed intervention against Cisco 300-208 Dumps the young Soviet republic broke out, the German imperialists are trying to Cisco 300-208 Dumps use the opportunity of the civil war, in order to achieve its occupation of the Baltic, Ukraine and the Caucasus dream plan. At this stage the Caucasus became a fierce class struggle. In Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, the bourgeois nationalist government on Taiwa.

for effective struggle. At that time, in the Caucasus have Novorossiysk naval base and naval base in Batumi. One month after the war began, the establishment of a naval base wave M Cisco 300-208 Dumps Kuma Ning Commander Major General, military members B N Orlov regimental political commissar, chief of staff A B Las Force De Luofu Lieutenant Commander. There are two submarine base knitting brigade, a brigade PT boats 12 , an escort boat brigade 23 , two minesweepers base, Water District troops, four coastal artillery, antiaircraft artillery and even all 6. There are two destroyers to Sandro and Batumi as a base, after October 1941, due to the loss of the western naval base, Cisco 300-208 Dumps other ships of the Black Sea Fleet squadron also as two Hong Kong 9L0-508 as a base. See Soviet Navy War History Archives Bureau Item 175 files, file 32678, pp. 1 2 wave forces outside the 50-649-(606A) naval base at Caucasus Military District troops with the defense from the Turkish border to Adler s Black Sea coast. When the Novorossiysk naval base A Commander Capt. Alexander Lavrov, C_TFIN52_65 military members N Baoluojinke regimental p.ccupied defense shield Shia Puxie Gong Cisco 300-208 Exam Road. In this case, the enemies desperate to NS0-157 Cisco 300-208 Dumps land apo Xie sudden, they PEGACSA_V6.1 diverge one is the 16th Motorized Infantry Division and the 101st Light Division to apomorphine Shelangsiji, Nevsky posts Gore Gdansk offensive all the way to the 13th division tanks, 300-208 SS Viking motorized 070-238 division and the 97th light infantry division to Asia, offensive in an attempt to surround my first 18 Army. August 12, the enemy occupied the other Luolie Chan Kaya. 18th Army Infantry division Cisco 300-208 Dumps in the 383 conducted a bitter struggle. Enemy casualties at great expense, on l7 Cavalry Army Cavalry Division 12 defense do Luolie Zen Kaya east of Hyderabad region crossed the river and E20-554 goes to the back of the 695th regiment. Mission one side and the N10-006 enemy s superior forces were tough street fighting Cisco 300-208 Dumps one another for the south side of the town of Kaya Luolie Shan retreat. I2 Cavalry Division troops were surrounded by the enemy, the enemy encirclement also doggedly defensive combat, and later break through the enemy surrounded, into Ku Shinuo, Mara Cisco 300-208 gold club.

300-208 Dumps Division after Ji Jie ear defeat. There are two divisions of tanks 260, German SS Viking motorized division the division is the German high command had just transferred to the local Buick Maer Ge as well as 60 tanks. The Ninth Army Cisco 300-208 a total of only 68 Cisco 300-208 Dumps tanks. In addition, the enemy will be under the tutelage of the 50th Infantry Taman Peninsula Regional transferred combat operations 070-162 to the 9th Army. November Cisco 300-208 Dumps 13 morning, the Ninth Army s left wing forces began to attack, but they played ten days and nights also failed to break the enemy s defenses, but broke into the enemy depth to 10 kilometers into Ardant of the Don River and Fei Age east coast. Ninth Army left wing forces are not going well is mainly due to the anti assault preparatory work was Cisco 300-208 Dumps not done. No organization among the branches of the military co operation, especially not organized in cooperation between infantry, tanks and 300-208 aviation. Army heads in the direction of no decisive together the necessary troops and weapons. For example, in the direction of the main combat infantry assault 3rd Army 300-208 a tot.

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