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Cisco 300-209 Study Material uster. In the battle between Don clusters and cluster formation littoral battle a big gap, so the battle coastal cluster right again exposed. 16 enemy centralized motorized division, SS Viking motorized division and 3rd Army Tank Tank 13th Division of the 12th Army and the first Cisco 300-209 Study Material independent infantry Cisco 300-209 Study Material army forces very weak forces and the implementation Corps offensive. Compare troops, the Cisco 300-209 Study Material enemy dominant 4 times for my infantry, tanks, dominant, artillery and JN0-633 mortars up to 10 times. August 6, after the Air Assault, the enemy captured Armavir, Maikop and continued to attack. To the enemy of Maikop oil fields and rushed to the Black Sea territories apomorphine Xie disease into the area, in this direction Cisco 300-209 Study Material has invested six MB7-223 tank divisions paragraph l Army, and Air Force support. In August 8 four days between the Cisco 300-209 Exam 12th, in the Kuban, Laba River and the Belaya River region were bitter fight 090-160 with the enemy, and in Kurgan Nayar, , United BISCI-RCDD States Kaya g column do not Luolie Zen Kaya, Maikop other regions particularly fierce fighting. However, Hitler bandits on tanks, artill.

her, defense Novorossiysk and Taman Peninsula, on August 17 to establish a defense Novorossiysk region, to join the region 1Z0-574 are the 47th Army all units, the 56th Army infantry division 216, Azov sea fleet, Salim left post Brookhaven military bases, naval bases Kerch, Novorossiysk naval base and Cisco 300-209 Dumps a hybrid aviation fleet 237 aviation division and the Black sea fleet Air force , 47th Army commander Major General Kotov for the defense area commander Cisco 300-209 Study Material of Novorossiysk, Azov sea fleet commander 70-460 Admiral Cisco 300-209 Study Material Gorshkov for the defense of Novorossiysk Regional Cisco 300-209 deputy commander of the navy. Novorossiysk regional defense force s mission is to prevent the enemy from the land and sea to the breakthrough of Novorossiysk. Anti Toru tasks on the land by the 47th Army and the Marine Corps 77th Infantry C2090-304 Division and the 216th Division, 103rd Infantry Brigade, 83 Brigade Marines, 1st Marine mixed brigades, the Azov Sea Fleet and the promise naval base infantry and other forces bear. According to statistics August 18, the Army and Marine Corps officers and men of Novorossiysk defense area.r, capturing prisoners, causing panic in the enemy s rear and gave chase retreating enemy troops. See the USSR Ministry of Defense Archives File File 224, No. 954, dossier 38, pp. 309 310. September 16 evening, the team 300-209 at lightning assault strong defensive unit face German invaders destroyed after the Armagh and Nat under west of town two residents He 300-209 broke into the ground between the enemy defenses to annihilate the enemy Armagh Nat Shoubing disappeared behind enemy lines after the mountain area. Before dawn, the team arrived on Erbakan Chomsky northeast German infantry 9th Division 57th Infantry regiment 2nd Battalion defense 252.4 south HP0-M96 North Slope. They a reconnaissance group September 17 positive dawn along a woodland path search forward, suddenly hit M30-200 the enemy battalion headquarters. Put a few bullets shuttle sentry kill the enemy. Battalion staff fled to the woods to hide. Hitler found the culprits scouts, but they did not expect before they will focus on such a large a 250-300 force. Only after such detachment and Highland road. Out of this, the captain Cisco 300-209 Study Material deci.

300-209 Study Material eninsula prepare for battle. High Command approved the decision and ordered Before holding high command has not been another indication, should be Cisco 300-209 Study Material abandoned. 37, 56 and offensive operations in 18 locations on the army in the acquired areas into line firm. defense, replacements, rectify and build reserve troops stop. you can make local offensive operations to improve their defense posture on some individual sections, but pay special attention to certain days Cisco 300-209 of the conditions to hold the United States Si Hake local landing field. see the Soviet Cisco 300-209 Study Material Defense Ministry archives files file 224, No. 934, dossier 7, page 267. According to the instruction on the Army consolidate the acquired areas, began preparations Cisco 300-209 Study Material for the implementation of the local campaign. However, June 28, the High Command to the Army commander and assigned new tasks the main force to face military assault to destroy the implementation of centralized Kiev Si Keye enemy defense Moer Da Wan Si 300-209 Keye on the lot, and to implement continuous offensive campaign last Kuban River eliminate enemies and Tama.

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