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Cisco 642-997 Test ded to order two rows of assault rifles and hand position to occupy the position adjacent to the Cisco 642-997 Test Highland Heights HP2-E38 and scout enemy infantry regiment 2nd Battalion 57th, and at the same time to attack from three directions to the Highlands. Scouts use of dense woods, bushes and to Cisco 642-997 fold quickly and shade to meet the enemy, from the southeast, west and north surrounded 252.4 Heights. They are on the highland ridge line between a large forest clearing in front of the edge of the woods occupied the impact starting position, the enemy in front of the camp. Oster Rowe Hof captain commanded a reconnaissance group first began to impact the enemy from the Highlands of southeastern slope. In this case, the main scouts are under machine gun fire and anti tank gun fire support attack from the north. Highland closely to the impact, so fast and fierce, Cisco 642-997 Test resulting in German invaders stunned. The scouts went 642-997 to Highland rushed. After a few minutes started fighting knives. In combat, the fight bayonets, use a small shovel, HP0-M24 pistols and grenades. The enemy battalion will soon be w.

ssembly, the responsibility to explain the party group member in a combat role and status, as well as their process of BCP-212 combat operations undertaken. All political forces and the Cisco 642-997 Dumps commanders and staff of the unit, relying on activists of the unit to start mass political and ideological work. They connect directly to the next, the platoon and Cisco 642-997 Exam the class to explain all the staff at Stalingrad, in the Caucasus and win on other battlefields significance of our army. In this case, political staff and commanders at all levels to pay special attention to preach tightly chase wounded fascist beast, and destroy it in its lair, the command of the military and political situation and the current Supreme Command made. In his report to the commanders and carried out live talk team in the Army, Army and newspaper publishing division, to speed up the pursuit 1Z0-235 of the enemy focuses on the significance of the North Caucasus army soldiers Cisco 642-997 destroy the 250-512 enemy group to explain the country s other battlefield victory will play how important role. Party and government staff to try to mak.d. He stood there looking at her, unconsciously while listening to their heart Cisco 642-997 Test and from there came the strange sound of the creek there, on the foggy river, is slowly continuing changes occur a moment is something wheezing breath, while a split click, Cisco 642-997 Test bang, while a Cisco 642-997 Test suddenly gathered collapse, while a glass like ice collide, issued by the crisp sound. Because he looked Katyusha intense inner struggle and 642-997 HP2-E52 distress seemed pensive 642-997 face standing there, he is very poor her, but strange to say, this kind of compassion but strengthened his desire for her. His desire is completely under control. He knocked on the window. She was like Cisco 642-997 Test an electric shock like whole body shuddered, his face showing a look of horror. Then she jumped up and went to the window, pressed his face to the C_E2E300_08 window. She eyes with both hands on the ride arbor, I recognized him, but the look of fear EX300 on her face did not disappear. she had never seen him so serious demeanor until he smiled, she just smiled, as if he was laughing just to cater to of her heart did not want to laugh, there is only fear. h.

642-997 Test gshan assault, in Changshan, lots of cement through enemy anti Pell, the cane Cisco 642-997 Test down this mountain over the mountains to continue the development of assault win Marco Teuge Yamaguchi, and then to attack the city of Novorossiysk northeast United States Virginia Aliyev 000-885 Chomsky. Finally, in the Army Navy landing forces with, on or before February 7 captured the entire city of Novorossiysk. February 1st, the 47th Army of the left wing forces A A Grech Major Cisco 642-997 Test gold clusters 3rd Army Infantry and 318th Infantry Division after five hours of artillery preparation to the offensive in 1300, but before the final day only 200 300 meters forward on the individual lots. The next day morning 6 00, again attack. However, due to low HP0-864 visibility, aviation and artillery support units still can Cisco 642-997 Test not attack. That day, the 47th Army has received to Cisco 642-997 Test other Nirvana Kaya Kaya Crimea and implement major assault task. At the same time, in the north of the Novorossiysk attack left wing army forces should be under the Navy landed with soldiers, captured Novorossiysk. The provisions of the Navy.

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