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Cisco 642-999 Practice invaders gunner shooting. He cast a grenade, killed on the spot l Faxisisi a gangster, the other two ran scared. Keluo Te sergeant grabbed the machine gun captured soldiers landed first trophy a burst put them to death. The landing team soon Cisco 642-999 Practice hit the coastal street, occupied CAT-SUR-101-520 the house and two buildings Sailors club. Both buildings, and other buildings, are only the soldiers after storming to capture. Keluo Te sergeant in the building when the attack was seriously Cisco 642-999 Practice wounded, but 642-999 Cisco 642-999 the fearless warrior despite the pain, or stick fighting. For this he was awarded the Red Banner. Battalion and radio stations located inside a building. A B Pull by Cunow Navy HC-035-350-ENU captain commanded the second landing 133-S-804.3 team submachine gun even then forward the train station forward. At dawn, sailors take to the train station, 642-999 Dinsmore heat Aliyev Chomsky monitor the Soviet Navy flag planted a train station roof. N Prokhorov navy sergeant in the battle against the power plant immortal feats. Prokhorov row where, after landing in the vicinity of the power plant at the 250-270 winds to shoot the enemy a.

ing it to Krasnaya Polyana, Zhukov Si Keye area and give it a predetermined positive mandate see the Soviet Defense Ministry archives file file 209, No. 1060, 23 dossiers , 070-639 pp. 26 27. Side of Cisco 642-999 Practice the enemy forces to guard tenacious blocking, side hurriedly tank first army to HC-035-411-CHS Armavir and Ti Huolie times grams retreat. Meanwhile, the German 4th Army Cisco 642-999 Exam tanks line the canal in manych fortification to prevent left wing Southern Army troops to Pakistan too Gdansk and Rostov breakthrough. German 17th Army in front of the Black Sea cluster implementation tenacious defense. Black HP0-245 plum cluster on January ll day to the offensive, to Krasnodar, Ti Huolie times grams direction assault, fighting and soon hit the Cisco 642-999 Practice outskirts of Krasnodar. Cisco 642-999 Practice Continue to pursue the enemy army. During this time, the Krasnodar and Stavropol C4090-452 border guerrilla given great support to the regular army. Cisco 642-999 Practice They work closely with the Caucasus Army combat. January 11, Transcaucasian Army Military SZ0-211 Commission to Krasnodar Krai guerrilla headquarters chief of staff. N. issued a Ding Guan North Caucasus Red Army guerr., Gunawan Eka Region. Fascist German occupation has been able to do Luolie Zen Kaya and geographic breakthrough in defense army, the main fault in the 17th Cavalry Army and 18 Army directorate body. Army North Caucasus Military Commission pointed this out in one of its decisions One, the enemy has been able to break through army defenses in area, is entirely the fault of the 17th Army cavalry commander and political commissar Major General Jiliqinke Auchi gold with them, because not Luolie HC-035-710-CHS Shan Kaya , screening task direction by the cavalry they bear. Second, August 12, 1942 to 16 during the day, Cisco 642-999 Practice the head of the cavalry seventeenth Army failed to complete several tasks below a end can stop the enemy breakthrough in Hansikeye, Weilikeye area, b Although the persistently Cisco 642-999 urge them Cisco 642-999 Dumps twice, but they do not have to destroy , sub regional enemy c seventeenth Army cavalry two days stayed on, determined to wipe out the enemy did not go Tverskaya ska Asia, geographical locality d the head of the army did not say hello to the Army Command, on several occasions position.

642-999 Practice total of 900 combat aircraft, including front line aviation approximately 800 270 fighters, 170 attack aircraft, 165 day and 195 night bomber aircraft Cisco 642-999 Practice bomber. This change in the strength of the enemy air force on our comparative disadvantage situation in Kuban launched a tense fight a close battle for air supremacy. At this time, the army air force has been equipped with a large number of new aircraft. Command transferred to the reserve corps 642-999 of several aviation aircraft are totally new aircraft Jacques 1 fighter, fighter pull 5, IL 2 Po 2 bomber and attack aircraft. In the Kuban over, though rarely, but it has begun to use the tactical and technical performance than the same type of enemy flying prime Figure 2 bombers. In terms of the resident, the enemy air force also occupy a certain advantage. In the Crimea and southern regions Wuke Man, they have a lot of airport runway with cement we just lack of such airports in the Cuban air force, throughout the soil due to the spring runways civilized land not be Cisco 642-999 Practice used. April 18, Cisco 642-999 Practice the Supreme Commander s assistant, K.

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