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Microsoft 70-178 Practice ure Kaya town and Luo Weili Stoichkov ska sub region town line. 70-178 56th Army and the 18th Army in crushing the , Shende day Microsoft 70-178 Practice Iraq, Novo Dimitris Muraliyev Kaya and other places of enemy resistance after, on February 12 before the end of the day to Daefeipu Adams River. Then the 47th Army wants three directions to , Crimean Kaya long mountain 9A0-327 area in the United States Si Hake, Stanislav Chica area simultaneously attack. However, the army everywhere frustrated. In this case, the High Command to the North Caucasus Army commander sent the instructions The main task of the High Command in Instructions February 4, 1943 to the 47th Army in the provision is not dispersed employment of forces to A Binsi Kaya direction through the enemy defenses occupied Crimea Kaya as soon as possible, and the 58th 1Z0-354 Army, the 9th Army and joined the 56th Army, surrounded and annihilated Kaya Microsoft 70-178 Practice Crimea Krasnodar Group. According to the report of the commander of the Black Sea cluster, the first task is to take delivery of 47 Army break through the enemy defenses on 000-234 the other Nirvana Kaya, Novo.

n impact point, the fire attracted to himself. Before cutting in wood and soil emission point melee combat with the enemy, Microsoft 70-178 Practice Voronoff captain and other scouts eventually because few dare congregation, all the heroic sacrifice. But they assist the infantry battalion crossed enemy barbed wire, and wipe out the impact of the strong point of the defenders. Infantry reconnaissance heroes avenged, did not let a fascist gangster alive from the inside anchor. See the USSR Ministry of Defense Archives File File 224, No. 954, dossier 38, p. 294. 119th Infantry Brigade 11 scouts at brigade reconnaissance chief captain, led sneak behind enemy lines, subtly forcing the Microsoft 70-178 enemy soldiers and even a whole 60 surrendered. Ibid., File 276, No. 813, dossier 53, pp. 29 31. North Black Sea clusters and cluster armies reconnaissance detachment, in rapid pursuit of German invaders during the war, were too numerous to mention. January 27, the 56th Army reconnaissance detachment about 100 people deep behind enemy lines under the leadership of captain Smirnov, in Krasnodar and in Fuka nea.the North Caucasus Army E20-016 attack. 56th Army to the offensive in 0900. Enemy here with fortified ditch. Hitler bandits resisted desperately, frequently into the backlash. Before dark, it began to rain, the weather suddenly deteriorated, visibility is very low, only 500 meters Microsoft 70-178 Practice out to observe, can not attack with artillery fire support to the infantry. 1T6-220 383 Infantry Division now Colonel by E H Paul Dusit Karimov command in advance the way encountered heavy enemy fire. Then the enemy into more than one HP2-B37 regiment of infantry and 20 tanks to quell the rapid 70-178 progress of 500-007 the troops backlash. The division of troops by the flank backlash, they are still forced to return after a fierce battle starting HP2-E43 position. The next day the weather was bad. Heavy rain the next stop, 070-668 to force action caused great difficulties. Edagumu River, Fu River and Tuo Laya Abington River flood inundated Guards Infantry Division and the 2nd Mountain Infantry Division 83 combat area. All roads have been washed away and filled with water. Vehicles and artillery simply impassable. To the forefront of t.

70-178 Practice d 256 brigade strengthened. These forces are the first by the railroad arrived in Aspen hold Abraham, then to the ocean via in Makhachkala, and finally by rail Microsoft 70-178 to the rest of. Additionally, since the ports too, great difficulties occur when the transfer to the train troops from tankers. High Command to pull the Caucasus Army Commander 840 cars. This eased the difficulties troop movements to Microsoft 70-178 Practice a certain extent. Because of the Terek River and Urukh River 420 km Microsoft 70-178 Practice wide front focus of a large force, and the Army Command and Microsoft 70-178 Practice very far away from this area, so the need to create one single Microsoft 70-178 Practice command structure. August 8, the High 000-190 Command ordered the establishment of the Caucasus Army northern cluster. Incorporated in this cluster Microsoft 70-178 Practice are 44 Army jurisdiction Infantry 414 divisions, 416 divisions and 223 divisions, infantry 9th Brigade and 10 Brigade , the Ninth Microsoft 70-178 Dumps Army jurisdiction Infantry 389 divisions, 151 divisions and 392 division and the 11th Microsoft 70-178 Exam 70-178 Microsoft 70-178 Practice infantry Guards Army jurisdiction 8th Guards infantry brigade, 9th brigade and 10 brigade , Maas will be in even Kafelnikov commander.

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