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Microsoft 70-298 Certification campaign. For landing forces command and the command E20-840 of the attacking forces on the ground should be centralized in the hands of a directorate. For example, the soldiers landed in the landing area Stanislav Chica victory is due to the action suddenly landing Microsoft 70-298 Certification forces, and resolutely combat, in close coordination with the army, get timely support artillery, landing field organization in a sound defense, morale of all units units and shore landing operations command properly due. Thus to, since the occupation army and guards lived little land beachhead, the next step will be the liberation of Novorossiysk has created favorable conditions. The fifth chapter Microsoft 70-298 in Cuban battlefield In the city of Stalingrad and the Caucasus Mountains midrib Piedmont defeated the fascist Germans began to retreat. North Caucasus Front shrinking, the Group is increasingly pressed against the enemy Taman Peninsula. Hitler s 070-691 high command tried to cover up their defeat of the army in the North Caucasus situation. When Bob Cornelius Corps in Stalingrad was destroyed fate is a foregone conclu.

do not bash the back of the station, escorted the prisoners, returned safe and sound to our positions. Army Reconnaissance Office also creatively translates Microsoft 70-298 Dumps staff organize intercept enemy units. Because the Microsoft 70-298 Certification enemy headquarters and radio codes are often used in various combat LOT-412 units mountains make a call. Pilots enemy reconnaissance Microsoft 70-298 Certification aircraft also Microsoft 70-298 Certification often used codes on the information found in the issue go. For example, once the enemy reconnaissance aircraft GOI Teuge armored train station I found, report it immediately sent up bomber to bomb. The radio call CCFT was cut army heard, we Microsoft 70-298 Certification make the rapid armored train entered the tunnel, and thus the German invaders bomber bombing there in vain for a pass. North Black Sea clusters and each cluster army scout who is this helping our troops to destroy the enemy in the Caucasus mountain defensive Microsoft 70-298 Exam operations. During this period, they have accumulated a wealth of scouting experience, summed up a set in the Caucasus theater reconnaissance ways, methods and means. These experiences can make our military reconnaissance ground reco.of Taman 70-298 Peninsula, the battle is also very Microsoft 70-298 Certification intense. In Anapa approaching the ground battle played Microsoft 70-298 Certification very intense. This is because Hitler has long been the culprits Anapa as a whole between the Crimean and Taman Group conducted a naval base contact. C_TERP10_66 Anapa enemy in front of a lot closer to the ground laying mines as many as 2,500 pieces per kilometer on the GD0-100 front. Hitler bandits in Anapa on 310-105 the ground near the town of Barkan Chomsky nearby mountain pass in the door and the wolf had a very fierce resistance. Wolf door Yamaguchi has great significance campaign, where almost all of the mountain gathered here. Yamaguchi enemy wolf door close to the ground and high ground adjacent to build a strong defensive position. Enemy and steep slopes, forests, landslides and collapse of the set a lot of artificial barriers. However, where the defense has also been rapid action, fighting Soviet soldiers broke Microsoft 70-298 Certification through wit. The battle fought here two days and nights. In two days, the Hero of the Soviet A A Bristol Gu command of Major Francis Nuowo Luo Keqiang 11th Division hit Microsoft 70-298 Certification 70-298 a.

70-298 Certification ya, so on this 70-298 road German fascist movement interrupted. Ibid., See dossier 7, pp. 102 103 Hitler bandit had to be transferred back from the front ESS-001 line combat troops guarding the rear portion of the target and to fight with the Microsoft 70-298 guerrillas. Because of our military organization has been continuously strengthened, bravely and HP0-803 resolutely combat, theater people and actively supporting the front and in behind enemy lines to carry out the results of the struggle, the fascist Germans stopped the attack earth apomorphine thank direction. The enemy could not be completed in the south of the Kuban river to surround and annihilate the Soviet overcome soil apo Frank Black Sea and into fundamental tasks. Finally, we summarize the lessons learned from the Caucasus war battle defense stage of the first phase should be noted that Microsoft 70-298 Certification in the 1942 Nian 9A0-172 July 25 to August 17 this period of our military combat operations in the North Caucasus is to me adverse conditions carried out under. German fascists in the number of tanks, artillery and aviation account for absolute superiority

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