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Microsoft 70-332 Questions courageous fight, destroy the seven enemy, and finally outnumbered heroic sacrifice. guerrillas in fighting around the play is also very good. Here, N Morozov, C Fedotov, B season Bulatovic, etc. comrades awarded exploits. Head of hybrid guerrilla group A de Orinoco Zoff are heroically here. October 26, held a meeting Stavropol border with the party committee staff in Kizlyar. Border party first secretary M A Suslov asked to explain why the guerrillas without Borders Party eastern 70-659 allowed, incorporated on the 10th Cavalry Division in the sequence. He pointed 648-385 out that the guerrillas into the 9A0-034 army cavalry unit formed completely unnecessary, and even harmful. Hundreds of people for a military, nothing is real value. However, in the guerrilla struggle behind enemy lines break, it makes Hitler bandit can safely concentrate our forces to deal with the cavalry. If C2180-277 the Microsoft 70-332 eastern region alone guerrilla activities behind enemy lines, they 70-332 will be able to contain a large part of the German troops, and thus the enemy of my cavalry resistance will inevitably weakened. Peop.

is good, then fewer and fewer patrons, he was drinking to forget, put all things at home sell drank. Aunt opened a small laundry, in order to feed the Microsoft 70-332 Questions children, and to support stricken husband. Aunt to Maslova into her laundry work. But Maslova see the hard life of the laundry workers, 70-332 hesitant , it is recommended to head the line to find a job, Microsoft 70-332 Questions giving belongings maid. she found one, have a wife and two boys in middle school people. go in only one week before the sixth grade school A00-206 read a large mustache son leave homework, wrapped Maslova, let her have the slightest tranquility. the mother was blindly blame Maslova, her fired. Maslova did not find a new job, but Microsoft 70-332 Questions recommended header line in accidentally met a full hand wearing a ring. wearing the bracelet on light arms obesity His wife was aware of the situation Maslova, leaving address, Maslova her house. Maslova find her. lady affectionately entertain her, and ask her to eat pies and rum, and sent the maid to send a letter to somewhere the evening there is a tall gray beard and hair this man came to the house.sion 207th regiment and several Microsoft 70-332 Questions squadron. The end of August, where the two sides engaged in a fierce HP2-W104 battle action. From August 20 to 25, in particular mountain valley east of the Microsoft 70-332 Questions topsoil was a pitched battle. In order to strengthen the garrison here, again NKVD border guards regiment 23 and 33 Microsoft 70-332 Questions tune up the group. August 25, on the road between them from the enemy launched a shock, break the enemy after the 97th mountain infantry division of the forces of Microsoft 70-332 Questions resistance, until October 10 have enemies away from the main vein Caucasus Mountains each pass. Chomsky enemy from other Luolie Shan Pass to the Black Sea coast invasion threat lifted. Microsoft 70-332 Questions Here, Our soldiers fight to cling to positions, and the enemy did not back down. Hitler bandits climb these Yamaguchi, see Ang Black Sea and Microsoft 70-332 Questions the lush green of the 156-704 vast T3CMSI blue sea, it is eager to want to HP0-M37 sunny seaside rushed. They really do not want to spend the winter in the mountains. However, the mountain to beat the enemy. They are pampered these warriors mood of days can be searched from the prisoners and the dead body out of.

70-332 Questions instructions to the battalion task to keep workers on I10-002 each pass near Zhawa build defensive positions. Front and rear of the intimate Microsoft 70-332 Dumps Microsoft 70-332 Exam unity of the Soviet people and the unprecedented spirit of patriotism, enhance the morale 70-332 of the troops, and enhance the confidence of commanders who were to defeat the enemy, improve firmness and combat effectiveness of the army. According to the characteristics of mountain theater, various groups have set up contingent behind enemy Microsoft 70-332 lines. Send these contingents who fought bravely, excellent commanders and political workers have experience in mountain warfare command leadership, contingent two thirds of people are party members. According to the CPC Central Committee s instructions, Army Military Commission military members Efimov Major General , Political Department of armies, divisions and units Microsoft 70-332 Questions of the Political Department of the Party are a lot of political and organizational work, which battle of the Caucasus as improve the defense capabilities of our army played a significant role. Prior to the start of combat operations.

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