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Microsoft 70-461 Practice Test 500 people, destroyed many enemy tanks and Microsoft 70-461 Dumps self propelled artillery, military warehouses and captured a number of seats captured a large number of enemy soldiers. After the loss of the German defense CCFP-KR positions on its central location, fearing the Crimean retreat ferry was I cut Taman Peninsula began to retreat. In order to gain time and to get rid of the enemy army, the middle position on the Road to a strong guard to resist. The enemy Microsoft 70-461 drowned valley between these favorable natural barrier on the region and Hudang roads and bridges are to be destroyed in advance, and everywhere Bray. Hitler bandits not only on our military attack roads mined, and even the ruins of collapsed houses, wells, vineyards, fruit trees where there Microsoft 70-461 Practice Test are also Microsoft 70-461 Ray cloth. Bray variety, booby , lure Ray In pursuit of the enemy Soviet track process, we had to attack the enemy defense area of a road. Corps of Engineers and units in this time of great help to the attacking army. They follow the attacking forces act together to alert and skill items must see through all kinds of enemy.

ker in the defense frontier territories Wooden emission point artillery and machine guns and anti tank infantry before setting up anti infantry obstacles and obstructions. Coast Artillery support the army against the enemy attack. See the Soviet Navy ADWORDS-REPORTING War History Archives Microsoft 70-461 Practice Test Archives Bureau 10 000-347 files, file 17715, pp. 122 123 4 However, the land based defense engineering 70-461 job progress is very slow, according to April 1, 1942 statistics, engineering and defense each region on the completed only 20 percent. See the Soviet Navy C2170-051 War History Archives Archives Bureau 10 files, files 17715, page 123 It was not until July Microsoft 70-461 Practice Test 1942 PW0-105 when the North Caucasus under direct threat, began in the city of Novorossiysk and build fortifications in its anti landing sea construct fortifications. Near the fish plant Simmel Andean Gulf coast, and the southwest corner of Novorossiysk port city west corner and the northwest corner of the repair fortifications. Residents mobilized very Gdansk and grid Lynch grams construction of fortifications. It seems, though there are defending Odessa, 920-431 commander put too much energy 70-461 into the Black Sea coast of the anti landing defense. It seems, the enemy Microsoft 70-461 Practice Test army of almost nothing. It is possible to see the enemy high command from the main vein Caucasus mountain pass rushing, August 20, 1942 issued a bull Army Command Directorate to build strong defenses on the pass. Situation and the Army High Command to Microsoft 70-461 Practice Test Microsoft 70-461 Practice Test appear on Yamaguchi Caucasus main vein can hold these channels worried. Therefore, the High Command in extremely detailed and specific instruction to 642-731 perform this task for them to determine ways and means. High Command instructions Instructions The enemy tried to invade the Caucasus, for which purpose they will do in the direction of several major battles spend large Microsoft 70-461 Practice Test formation combat. Since the enemy has specially trained mountain troops, they will turn the Caucasus went to the Caucasus from every road and mountain road, enemy troop movements can be used, also possible to use small groups of those who believe that the Caucasus troops action HP0-D13 Nevada itself is 70-461 a natural barrier insurmountable enemy comm.

70-461 Practice Test fter the A4040-123 enemy retreat to the rear of the enemy gathered in the Crimea Kaya Group implemented assault. February 3rd, the 46th Army into the attack. Here the battle played very hard. Our military forces in the first few engagements Microsoft 70-461 Practice Test has been greatly weakened, not strengthened weapons, ammunition and food and Microsoft 70-461 Practice Test almost exhausted, extremely tenacious enemy EXAV51-CLV resistance, they Kuban River North and Staro Cole Song Kaya town, Pache Coffs Kaya carefully constructed with a strong anchor. Nevertheless, the 46th Army crossed the Kuban still strong, captured Kaya town, and Microsoft 70-461 Exam joined together with the North Caucasus Army 37th Army, beat back the enemy on our wings a few times and then continue backlash Kaya to attack Hopkins direction. 18 Army on February 3 night began force a crossing of the Kuban on Staro Cole Song Kaya Seoul to between lots. Force a crossing encountered difficulties, because then Kuban river ice was not thick, and many places in advance by the enemy tore, so only a few small Microsoft 70-461 Practice Test groups of army troops crossing to the north shore of the river, a river entered from t.

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