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Microsoft 70-483 Dumps e first line Microsoft 70-483 Dumps of the anchor two kilometers. This line of heavy tanks several vehicles and several anti tank artillery door. The third line is the anchor by a number of individual tanks and anti tank artillery thereof. Before these three lines of defense must be thoroughly break the German tanks. Tank Brigade command post is located in the center of the anti tank support HP0-045 points. Major Filippov personally inspected the entire terrain, which he later exactly 050-832 command tank battle Microsoft 70-483 is very good. Each electrical cable and radio contact between the Microsoft 70-483 command post and anti tank support points. Battle, a wired electrical communication liaison squadron carried out by radio command. Artillery fire based on the application of firepower of infantry and tanks. Duolinsiji major artillery battalion and taking into account certain 132-S-916 configurations from artillery ambush tanks close, so he decided to stay with the tank brigade. This according to the situation so that he can 000-M83 later on the battlefield rapidly changing to direct artillery fire. At dawn, Hitler bandits on lengthy artillery.

s direction has been an uphill battle. Continue to E22-128 our military side Infantry Division 318th guards the left bank of the Kuban Novo Mikhail Luo Fusi Kaya Kaya day to Colorado defensive area, leaving one side to the Ukrainian goods Gdansk military schools and an infantry battalion 318 division 1 regiment woven hybrid detachment in August 4, according to the disc in the night Novo Mikhail Luo Fusi Kaya enemy assault implementation. To August 6 morning, the enemy was driven Microsoft 70-483 Exam Tarnovo Mikhail Luo Fusi Kaya on the east side annihilates. August 6, the enemy tanks first army in Armavir simultaneously assault on Maikop direction, on the 17th Army troops to Krasnodar launched the assault. Then in the Krasnodar peripheral defense of 56th Army only 93 guns and 203 mortars. Their ammunition only 0.2 0.4 base. Some artillery to fight the crucial moment even a shell are gone. For Microsoft 70-483 Dumps example, the army artillery regiment before l195 grams of garbage Snow C2090-541 Dahl peripheral battle started, because there is 000-178 no shells had been withdrawn Kuban. In a few days and nights of fighting, or blocking Krasnodar, captured Tihuo Lie times g station and initiate the starting position occupied Palestinian too offensive 70-483 to Gdansk. In the third stage of the campaign, the main Black Sea clusters to Microsoft 70-483 Dumps implement assault direction, and later captured the bar too Trask. This is the total content mountain offensive campaign plan. Microsoft 70-483 Dumps Ocean campaign is also divided into three stages, the main purpose of the campaign is the liberation of Novorossiysk, and later the liberation of Taman Peninsula. In the first stage 070-503-CSHARP of the campaign scheduled to begin January 12 , the 47th Army then commander has been replaced by B Cam Cove in with a force 216 Infantry Division and Microsoft 70-483 Dumps 383 division, 103rd Microsoft 70-483 Dumps infantry brigade, 81st Marine brigade, 8th Guards infantry brigade in geographical break through the enemy defenses, captured the residential areas, where the railroad cut and liberation Kejian wood Kaya, create Microsoft 70-483 Dumps conditions for later proceeds from the land and the army to seize speak Taman Peninsula. To support those forces fighting, they Microsoft 70-483 Dumps sent to the two tank battalions, three artille.

70-483 Dumps ity over the enemy troops and weapons. But the North Microsoft 70-483 Dumps Caucasus Fang Xiangjun February 70-483 23 or into the attack. Party and military wing of the 58th Army and Ninth Army fought two days and nights did not break the age of Peter Graves Kaya and enemy defenses on the lot. Front leftist 47th Army and 18th Microsoft 70-483 Dumps Army landed also failed to break the enemy s defenses. 56th Army in the south of the Kuban to fight. They break recalcitrant enemy infantry 44th Army continued to attack the west, to February 25 has been liberated Jiaerkushu, Ao Bo ICDL-WINDOWS Long Siji, leaves , Gelubaofu Sharansky, a few days ago We were attacking Mahwah, Asia and. 46 Take Army 56th Army victory of the machine, along the left bank of the Kuban forward attack, February 25 to Rove, Chomsky, Troy times Kaya area. 56 Army and 46 Army is progressing well, so the German fascists in trouble. Awed by the enemy was surrounded, he Microsoft 70-483 Dumps had to give up positions north of the Kuban River, back to Park Rotork river. But the 58th Army unfinished tasks recipient action so 070-492 slow, and does not meet the requirements of 70-483 the situation

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