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Microsoft 70-487 Test confidence, so much of the infantry and 300 tanks into attack, Microsoft 70-487 Dumps his army will push the collapse of our military defense, break and wiped out the army, and easily punch to Grozny. However, this wishful intention Hitler commanders dashed. Anti tank artillery played a significant role in this battle. In the direction of greater threat by enemy tanks, the army anti tank artillery density per kilometer front to reach On the first Wozi Nie Kaya direction 14 door the door crab Pu Shen direction 33 in Ecuador ear Huotuo Wo direction 16 door. See the USSR Ministry of Defense Archives File File 276, Microsoft 70-487 No. 889, dossier 13, p. 56 Well organized infantry and tanks in close co operation to improve the stability of tank defense 70-463 corps and the various arms of the defense forces and non Cuipo nature. Marines 62nd Brigade, 249th Tank Battalion and independent anti Guards Tank CMPP Destroyer Battalion 47th Artillery three armed Microsoft 70-487 Exam forces combat operations, the anti tank artillery and tanks and infantry units closely cooperating joint combat against the Microsoft 70-487 Test enemy tanks impact of a cluster model.

et command post and headquarters posts from Tim leaving grams move Supuxiehe, to organize their operations from here directing activities in three directions described above. In Azov, Yei Trask and Park Hertha Magnitogorsk three after the withdrawal is completed, the flotilla heads focused on the Microsoft 70-487 Test two marines battalion, two machine gun, 52 gun including coastal, field , antiaircraft artillery and other , four offshore gunboats and two river gunboats, a shallow 70-487 heavy gunboats and several boats to guard 00M-670 posts corvettes Farm stay grams. Tim decided to build a post left grams first line of defense in the Kursk region Toru Chang Kaya liman, Cole hot Minkowski village, Red October Village and , Kaya Town area in Kool Lv Kaya liman, 122.4 Heights, Kuban River 070-685 to build a second tie Farm stay grams of defense areas. Hitler bandit sent to Romania Cavalry 5th Division Marines Battalion 144 on my first defense region and the implementation of 305 battalion attack. August 16, the enemy successfully occupied the high ground is located in the dairies. The two sides MA0-150 compete f.anscaucasian Army Microsoft 70-487 Test commander and the commander of the Black Sea cluster dissatisfaction. 1Z0-852 Former commander Microsoft 70-487 Test of the Caucasus Army N B Qiulieniefu this matter generals wrote I was with Ivan Yefimovich Black Sea Cluster Microsoft 70-487 Test Commander N E Biteluofu will. author s note after receiving this command deep in thought. However, when no man can not do sit back and wait. So I began to engage with each other and the 70-487 kind of Microsoft 70-487 Test support Rove named Programme malaria disease. Sometimes by me, sometimes one after another scheme proposed by the 070-646BIG5 Ivan Yefimovich, Microsoft 70-487 Test after some intense discussions and have denied one after another. These programs both from military theory point of view, or from the actual point of view, will not work. In fact, the provisions of the High Command gave us very difficult, it can be said is unable to complete Microsoft 70-487 Test the task. Target SCAP Instructions raised in abnormal tempting, our military goes to bar too Gdansk, the enemy into a rat in a hole. However, if a comprehensive look at this plan and conduct a detailed study about the actual situation, we can see that we are.

70-487 Test e army behind the goals. Unable to build a new airport in the northern and central mountainous Caucasus Black 70-347 Sea coast. The main battle is in the direction of the left wing of the Black Sea cluster, not the number 650-178 of airports are more right wing Microsoft 70-487 unfolded. Microsoft 70-487 Test This situation forced the Air Force Fifth Army troops deployed far had not fully comply with the local campaign attempts. Because part for this reason, aviation fire support for the 46th Army, the 18th Army and the 56th Army of 250-503 the right wing forces than the 56th Army of the left wing forces and 70-487 the 47th Army aviation fire support more effective. Due to the complex meteorology and hills, Air Force can not be implemented large concentrations of assault, they are usually small fleet by 2 6 frame by 16 or 153 aircraft activities. Both aircraft is easy to maneuver in the mountain valleys. Bomber mostly between 1,200 2,500 meters in the single school to bomb Microsoft 70-487 Test air support of ground forces. Fifth Army Air Force, in addition to direct support and cover army operations, but also on Sal Gdansk, Kropotkin, Armavir, do.

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