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Microsoft 70-488 Vce ing it to Krasnaya Microsoft 70-488 Polyana, Zhukov Si Microsoft 70-488 Vce Keye area and 1Z1-551 give it a predetermined positive mandate see Microsoft 70-488 Vce 510-050 the Soviet Microsoft 70-488 Vce Defense Ministry archives file file 209, No. 1060, 23 dossiers , 1Z0-531 pp. MB5-292 26 27. Side of the enemy forces to guard tenacious blocking, side hurriedly C2090-551 tank first army to Armavir and Ti Huolie times grams retreat. Meanwhile, the German 4th Army tanks line the canal in manych fortification to prevent left wing Microsoft 70-488 Vce Southern Army troops to Pakistan too Gdansk and Rostov breakthrough. German 17th Army in front of the Microsoft 70-488 Vce Black Sea cluster implementation tenacious defense. Black plum cluster on January ll day to the offensive, to Krasnodar, Ti Huolie times grams direction assault, fighting and soon hit the outskirts of Krasnodar. Continue to pursue the enemy army. During this time, the Krasnodar and Stavropol border guerrilla Microsoft 70-488 Vce given great support to the regular army. They work closely with the Caucasus Army combat. January 11, Transcaucasian Army Military Commission to Krasnodar Krai guerrilla headquarters chief of staff. N. issued a Ding Guan North Caucasus Red Army guerr.

fantry division, C M Buxie Fu colonel commanded 176 Infantry Division, H N Benjamin Ignatiev colonel commanded Infantry Division and 337 K N Valov general command of Major general 383 infantry division has not yet been assembled, 165 infantry brigade and the 3rd Army infantry brigades are still three to mobilize the way here. Until after the 47th Army offensive, they have not rushed Microsoft 70-488 Vce to the part of the troops. Infantry 3rd Army went Ka Baer given card stopped, waiting for Frank to make up from the soil A march formation starting out logistical units each team Infantry Brigade, until January 26. For the need to accelerate the deployment of troops and change the speed to overcome the difficulties of the roads, which works to protect the offensive campaign Microsoft 70-488 Vce season preparation on the Black Sea cluster has a great significance. Before the offensive began, the Black Sea within the cluster have 1Z0-517 compiled 24 engineer companies, 18 engineering battalion, 11 groups and their dependents battalions, one engineer battalion Guards mines, three special engineering corps brigad.ach Fan, mountain manuals and instructions. They do all kinds of organizations to send special harness, organization and supervision of anti garrison resident within the Alpine avalanches and falling stones security service. When troops fiction mountain warfare program, their local advisors shaped area. Climber personally participated in some of the mountain Microsoft 70-488 Vce warfare SY0-201 activities carried out in the mountainous ground reconnaissance and aerial reconnaissance, expanding send Nalchik and Buck Canyon residents scattered retreat, and led troops over 000-239 the Dayton Guziaolun Joe Pass and other Winter 1942 Pass. Climber portions incorporated into the Transcaucasian Army 12 with specialized weapons and harness in a separate mountain infantry detachment. 70-488 Their activity on various Army mountain area. Many climbers rewarded by the government, front line newspapers repeatedly reported their heroic deeds. Kuban, Stavropol, Kabardino Balkaria, Microsoft 70-488 Exam North Aoxiediya, cut Zen Ingushetia and other places of guerrillas, was a great help for the troops. Throughout the North Caucasus guerril.

70-488 Vce e enemy 17 army troops carried out a series of counter assault to deter the enemy from the soil apo Caucasus along 000-M72 the Black Sea coast Xie break out attempt. German invaders in the Caucasus offensive planned school crush, which is an important factor Microsoft 70-488 Vce in the south wing of the Soviet German war to Microsoft 70-488 the Soviet Union and its military strategic situation favorable aspects of the transition. The end of December, to 270-515 the south west front has a new front Cali Teka, , millerovo, Morozov Sharansky region, and continue to Costa Luobie Li Gdansk and Kamie sk development of offensive. In this case, Stalingrad Army had occupied the Kool Moya Falls Kaya and kotie ear Nike Wo, is set against Karimov Nicky, Microsoft 70-488 Dumps toward Rostov and Saar Trask. A new strategy of a siege and defeat more than the Volga terrible disaster is about to befall the North Caucasus fascist German head. German invaders in the occupied territories began to 70-488 intensify collecting cannon fodder. German allies as 70-488 of December 1942 sent large numbers continue to replenish exhausted Caucasus Corps Group. However, Hitler s.

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