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Microsoft 70-662 Practice Test tells Hitler s next plan. He wrote In the future these purposes refer to the occupied Caucasus , he Hitler. Author s note want to send quick Corps entered MB2-298 India via post Caucasus or other means. Ibid The essence of the strategic plan of the summer 1942 war, and were set forth in the Instructions No. 41 Hitler l942 April 5 issued by. As can be seen Microsoft 70-662 Exam from this instruction, the fascist German High Command is always an attempt to stabilize the Soviet German front in the middle vested situation, continue to implement the Soviet flank grinding Microsoft 70-662 Practice Test assault group in the Soviet German front wings, Succeed, then these troops to attack Leningrad and open contact with Microsoft 70-662 Practice Test the Finnish armed forces on land, and later invaded the Caucasus. Instructions pointed out So, we must first focus on all the existing forces to the south line to carry out major campaign to destroy C4080-766 the enemy to the west of the Don, and later captured the Caucasus oil fields and over the Caucasus Mountains. Deere, march to Stalingrad , page 127 1942 spring and summer in RQAP-GLP the Soviet German front to expand the wa.

ander is a Microsoft 70-662 Practice Test 250-254 big Microsoft 70-662 mistake. We must give all staff to remind 1Y0-610 real insurmountable defense, only in those areas strictly defensive and well fortified. All other natural barriers including such as the Caucasus Yamaguchi barrier , if not strictly defense, can all be insurmountable, especially now, especially this season. Accordingly, the high command requested addition to establishing a solid defense on several major battles direction is also required to Microsoft 70-662 Dumps strengthen the army 70-662 Caucasus main vein defense immediately, especially Georgian military highway, Aoxiediya military roads and Sukhumi anti lying road in the direction of the military to prevent the enemy from the Microsoft 70-662 Practice Test direction he went outside the Caucasus. Meanwhile, in order to more securely blocked Caucasus main vein of the rest 70-548 of the channels, and the High Command of the existing defense system had added the command First, the occupation troops and firmly defend the following passage and Yamaguchi Along the Caspian Sea coast to Makhachkala Ter Bint channel. Along the Black Sea coast to the Novorossiysk Soil apo Xie.mountains. Since the German fascist approach peripheral Novorossiysk defense Microsoft 70-662 Practice Test area, the army commander ordered the 47th Army main focus will be on the other Nirvana Kaya and the Barkan Sharansky direction. ACSO-IPG-PROG-02 The Army Reserve colonel Luci Ji Fu commanded 318 70-662 Infantry Division attached to the 47th Army transferred. In order to facilitate the HP2-Z33 Supreme Command headquarters and improve their supply situation, Microsoft 70-662 Practice Test September 1 will be adapted for the North Caucasus Front Transcaucasian Army Black Sea cluster, directed by Admiral. Black Sea Cluster jurisdiction 12 Army, 18 Army, 47 Army and the 56th Army, the 4th Cavalry Guards and military forces. Fifth Army Air Force and Microsoft 70-662 Practice Test 650-667 Air Force Black Sea Fleet is responsible for their air support. Black Sea Fleet command return Transcaucasian Army commander Microsoft 70-662 in combat. Due to the sudden German fascist Novorossiysk imminent threat, Army Military Commission on September 2 Microsoft 70-662 Practice Test to make the following request to the 47th Army commander First, to continue to repel the enemy from a local backlash Goode Zeff Hill, Bowley Shaya road to attempt to bre.

70-662 Practice Test emy attacks and reduce the speed of their Microsoft 70-662 Practice Test advance. Columns of enemy tanks and mechanized columns of struggle, is largely based on aerial reconnaissance intelligence implementation. The only way to be able to take timely and rapidly changing 70-662 situation is this focus on a limited threat to aviation force to my worst enemy assault Group implemented. MB6-283 During the rapid retreat of our army, no air force between the 4th Army Command with the Army Command Jizhu combined arms army headquarters reliable communications. I basically aviation act in accordance with the general principles on Microsoft 70-662 Practice Test their own. Don Battle Cluster defense poorly organized, almost nothing to build fortifications. In many locations, shovel ho infantry because there is no civil engineering tools, even bunkers and other fortifications are not easy to build. No anti tank mines in the armies, so there is no obstacle laid mines on enemy Tan Kewei rib direction. Logistics sector and forces lost contact, very far behind, so that the most critical moment in the battle, all units have almost no ammunition, fuel.

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