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Microsoft Microsoft 74-343 Practice Questions 74-343 Practice Questions d not take measures these repel the enemy. Even when the head of the organization l7 Cavalry Army Microsoft 74-343 Practice Questions broke into the annihilation of the enemy and annihilate these stocks already in progress when the fighting enemies, the head of the 56th Army do not understand the situation here, even the 30th Infantry Division command into the first Army two echelon. 18th Army of the situation is particularly serious. Since the command paralysis, its troops without serious resistance, retreat back. The army troops simply do not cut US 1D0-425 Microsoft 74-343 Dumps defense Pavilion Kaya, Samal ska Asia, and thus the enemy July 29 cut 18 on the occupation of the United States Pavilion Kaya. On this day, the North Caucasus Front commander ordered the 18th Army on July 30 A2010-502 to implement anti assault Orr Hopkins Kaya direction, and the 12th Army and the Cavalry Corps the Pakistan army to implement too Gdansk assault fit in By Don 270-520 on the recovery situation. Microsoft 74-343 Practice Questions And ordered the withdrawal of the 56th Army had Kuban River and the south bank of the Kuban Krasnodar peripheral MB3-215 occupied defense. Battle in the coastal cluster.

dispatched geographical and Romania Cavalry Corps dispatched to continue to attack the HP2-B106 Crimean Kaya Kaya times from Troy area. 47th Army commander this day the 83rd Brigade 74-343 Marines from the Black Sea to the Crimean seaside Run Microsoft 74-343 Practice Questions Kaya area. Here, the 47th Army troops with artillery fire support the flotilla of destroy the German invaders number armored train operations. Yong Su Junying firmly repulsed the enemy attack again and again, but when the end of the day, they still had to give and Crimea Kaya. Then suddenly the enemy to Novorossiysk threat has been formed Microsoft 74-343 through the passes. Flotilla commander 74-343 immediately decided from the flotilla and Novorossiysk Naval Base logistical troops, ships and tankers deployed 74-343 some Microsoft 74-343 Practice Questions of the Microsoft 74-343 Exam staff about 1, ooo or so to form several Marines detachment, sent Bobby just, Ka Baer Kinski, wolf doors Yamaguchi and Abbondanza wax black long Urso wolf Pass gate road this time there has been no 47th army troops. See the Soviet Navy War History Archives Archives Bureau 55 files, file 32666, pp. 5 6 Novorossiysk local defense forces finall.three sides by the enemy, the enemy again and again repulsed impact Pash Coffs Kaya ferry. The enemy was forced again a regiment of infantry, cavalry and even a 50 tanks into the battle. However, Soviet commanders who were not only repulsed the enemy many crazy shock, but he still transferred to the backlash, and expand street fighting, lo August 17, the liberation of Krasnodar has been a large city block. Army until August l 2, according to orders from their superiors before giving Krasnodar, blow Pash Coffs Kaya Microsoft 74-343 Practice Questions ferry HC-019-304-ENU back over Kuban river. In defense of Krasnodar battle, army shortcomings exposed, can be summarized HP0-755 Microsoft 74-343 as follows a is unknown, when the 30th Infantry Division 71st Infantry regiment and 256th regiment entered the town in the northwest corner, and suddenly the enemy encounter which shares Microsoft 74-343 Practice Questions the enemy that night before the teachers have not received evacuation orders to enter this area and ii it alone, completely lost contact with the left and right adjacent units iii the occurrence of road congestion and ferry no air cover iv does not advance the.

74-343 Practice Questions brigade reported. In the minority corps, division of the newspapers are published with their own language text. These widely reported in Microsoft 74-343 Practice Questions the press all the people of war to defeat the enemy and carried out at the front and rear, in the industrial and mining enterprises and collective farms Lisuweiai human mass heroism. Fighting in defense of the most 650-153 difficult times, the full force of the North Caucasus mobilized to fight back the invaders P2050-004 that was the main achievement of the entire work of the party. Soviet Caucasus defensive performed under the whole strategic situation against us circumstances. Since there is no open a second front in Western Europe, making the fascist German Microsoft 74-343 Practice Questions command can no worries put its strategic reserve to the tune Soviet German front. However, the culprits to imagine Hitler as a comprehensive attack in 1941, it is already impossible. So in 1942 their main assault in the south of the Soviet German front, OCEB2-FUND101 want to capture Stalingrad and the Caucasus. Hitler expect to win the Caucasus, Turkey can be dragged into Microsoft 74-343 Practice Questions the war against the Soviet.

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