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Microsoft 74-353 Cert in operations from the west Wei Ting Kaya direction. At the same time, the Caucasus Army Commander 46th Army to prepare two infantry divisions and an 1Z1-450 infantry brigades to apomorphine Shelangsiji embodiment assault to the 18th Army of the 1st Infantry Division and two infantry brigades troops to assault embodiment to the 47th Army infantry brigade to an embodiment assault. 250-421 In order to implement Novorossiysk battle, ready to use two infantry divisions, two motorized infantry brigades, a tank battalion and a machine gun battalion. Ready to transfer to the High Command HC-035-530-CHS reserve tank regiment for three development offensive 000-154 in the direction of Krasnodar. Fifth Army Air Force 198 aircraft is responsible for air safety to cover the Microsoft 74-353 Cert campaign. Black Sea cluster commander of the battle plan, together with the army commander attempts, filed with the High Command. However, the High Command of external factors plus high army commander also ratified the plan. Instructions High Command in its December 31, 1942 issue stated The main Microsoft 74-353 Cert drawback sent your campaign plan is to use.

e slowly. If you find a doctor in the prisoners of war, they are strictly not allowed to 74-353 rescue the wounded, otherwise shoot to kill. Hospital in a pharmacy may be so, but 74-353 156-215.13 never made medicine. Hundreds of sick and wounded need immediate surgery, but these fascist cannibals MB6-702 is not to undergo Microsoft 74-353 Cert an operation. Patient died in extreme agony, seven or eight days, ten days, nor get out of the bodies of the dead, dozens and dozens of people to death. At the end of 1942, the hospital detained more than 8,000 wounded. Six months, those who captured only 070-653 received a couple of times with a 80 loo grams of moldy barley bread. Usually, every day only to those people incarcerated per sprinkle on half the boxes back bran layer, without a little salt boiled soup. In this month dilute the soup occasionally put it twelve dead horse. However, in this hospital in the kitchen, daily German invaders gave their dogs do tasty, nutritional value of dog food. Hitler was the devil 000-833 even drinking water do not give enough. No P2180-089 Microsoft 74-353 Cert injuries each day for 12 15 pulling a carriage above 40 to have a Group Microsoft 74-353 Dumps North Hebei attack, Admiral Kleist commanded 1st Army tanks deployed after the change to 3rd Army tanks and 40 troops from the Caucasus Mountains north of the main vein and Pia season Goldoni Gdansk Hera was within the general area by then, Grozny, Makhachkala, Baku direction of attack to the southeast of the Ordzhonikidze. Ott command of General Infantry 52nd Army Tank Army responsible for ensuring the safety of the Left. We can see that the enemy until mid August has established three assault clusters, ready in three directions simultaneously offensive. As already talked to the Caucasus Army Northern cluster face the enemy tanks to First Army. By mid August, the enemy has put two tank divisions of Microsoft 74-353 Cert the 40th Army transferred near Mozdok Hull command of Major General tank 13 under the tutelage HP3-X06 of Armavir region transfer command of Major General Bright enamel tank 3rd Division redeployment from Nalchik area. 52 enemy infantry troops commanded by Major Luc Nagel Infantry Division and the 111th Infantry klip less grid command 370 division, being moved in.

74-353 Cert d Microsoft 74-353 Cert Air Force to take delivery of Microsoft 74-353 the Black Sea Fleet s task is to destroy the enemy s retreat from the Taman Peninsula. After they won control of the air, he began to build loading territory enemy troops and weapons technology, bombing and bombing are red across the Straits to enemy ships. 4th Army Air Force in these days has dispatched more than 1,800 sorties, only about 150 enemy ships Microsoft 74-353 Cert sunk, hit more than 60. Black Sea Fleet Air Force carried out on Microsoft 74-353 Exam the enemy lines of communication especially violent assault. They worked 74-353 day and night bombing enemy ports on the Taman Peninsula. Microsoft 74-353 Only September 20 28 during the day, on the Black Sea Fleet aviation sank 50 enemy Microsoft 74-353 Cert barges, three corvettes, several ships transport ships and shoot down 56 enemy planes. In the meantime, the enemy ground Microsoft 74-353 Cert forces continue to implement Microsoft 74-353 Cert continuous assault. Enemy determined anyway in a narrow strip between the Kuban River and the Taman Peninsula to stop living our army offensive. enemy in the town, the town of Kaya Staro column Groves, liman line 25 km wide zone defense concentrated five d.

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