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HP HP0-S41 Study Guides visions compiled the second echelon A N Chen Lixi 394 command of Major General infantry division and the 7th Guards infantry brigades. The so called assault HP HP0-S41 Study Guides group, only 4,000 people, combined with days of fighting because they are very tired, troops also starved of food. The basic purpose of the campaign is to force all local enemy assault to HP HP0-S41 wipe out the enemy and later in the Taman Peninsula. For this reason, the use of the air force Air Group 4th and 5th Army vehicles throughout the front. In addition, the 56th Army to a cluster of tanks 90 tanks , three high command reserve artillery regiments HP HP0-S41 Study Guides and five Katyusha rocket barracks strengthened. A total of 200 artillery on a front five HP HP0-S41 Study Guides kilometers of the main assault area. But only after the fighting HP HP0-S41 broke out ie, March lo day , only look at HP HP0-S41 Dumps the campaign in advance not ready. No 15 minute aviation dispatched 120 130 aircraft embodiment swarms assault enemy every HP HP0-S41 Study Guides planned, but simply out some small enemy formations sporadically irrelevant assault. For example, 9 00 participated in the first raid, only 22 attack a.

n, the 4th Guards Infantry Brigade, 5th Brigade, 6th Brigade, 7th Brigade and the 9th brigade, 16th infantry brigade and 000-583 111 brigade, two HP0-S41 tank brigades, one tank regiment, two tank battalions, four artillery regiments, three mortars and a rocket artillery regiment base. The first phase of the battle, the task to the 56th Army to the provisions of the front line and captured crossing the Kuban Kuban River. Battle Army prepared for a potential two tier distribution. Since the army offensive in the Strip is forest land terrain and lack of roads, so the first echelon consists of two clusters compiled. The first cluster from the 55th Guards Infantry Division, the 32nd Guards Infantry Division and a mortar regiment compiled from real Geli Ya Liu Qi grams west region to ferry goods Kaya, Shende day, Pa Vuk Kosovska sub embodiment of assault the second cluster HP HP0-S41 Study Guides from the HP HP0-S41 Study Guides 20th mountain infantry division and 83 division, 9th HP HP0-S41 Study Guides Guards infantry brigade, 7th infantry brigade and 16th brigades, two artillery regiments and two 9L0-609 mortar group compiled from Stavropol Wales Kaya, su.ions and railway corps soldiers in Iraq , Maer Ge Buick soil apo Xie, Novorossiysk, Nalchik, Shaumian, Ardant defensive battle, as the history of the great Patriotic war and IL0-786 HP HP0-S41 Study Guides write a brilliant chapter, for his battle flag adds brilliant shine forever. Throughout the summer, the army has not stopped active 70-431GB2312 combat operations, often continue to impact on the enemy, given its vital forces and weapons technology to hit, and worked to overcome the enemy positions. In the south and central A2010-598 blazing bloody country, we Transcaucasia army thwarting enemy 30 division, making it impossible to maneuver on other fronts. We resisted the 000-M226 army of the enemy force attack, now began to HP0-S41 turn a determined attack go ahead Destruction 920-178 of the German occupiers, expelled them from the territory of our country Enemy perceived imminent threat of encirclement, in 1943, the HP HP0-S41 Study Guides 11th Section l main tank began to withdraw army had Kuma River, where to build a complete defense area occupied defense. Northern cluster, on this day, began a pursuit. After January 1 to the front end of the day.

HP0-S41 Study Guides ce of the labor dimension of patriotism they work together, go all out to support the front. At that time the North Caucasus and the Soviet government organizations at all levels and of all working people in the North Caucasus shoulder heavy task. Defense committees at all levels led the 070-543-CSHARP people to repair fortifications, rearward evacuation, factories, P2020-014 schools, valuables and livestock. Rostov State Party Standing Committee resolution, the state set up a combat troops, the establishment in the districts HP HP0-S41 Exam with the enemy and destroy airborne group to fight and destroy the enemy camp each battalion 100 200 see Rostov State Party Archives HP HP0-S41 Study Guides file file 9, number 5, dossier 35, pp. 224 226 Party organizations and the states of the Soviet government frontline work as the overriding task. To build 1Z1-033 the militia and guerrillas. Rostov State set up a Don Cossack division. In order to fight back against the culprits of Hitler s treacherous attack, countless young men and HP0-S41 women flock to the district service headquarters Yong Yue enlist. Old retired factory worker and return to r.

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