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IASSC IASSC ICBB Exam ICBB Practice two cases of pre trial finished. ICBB Miele was born Colonia City general public, including Qi Kewa 43, also when Moore hotel waiter. Never eaten before the lawsuit, received a copy of the indictment. Package Qi Kewa answered questions very sharp, as if the kind of tone when answering every word said. Yes, my name is Ye Fei Miya, that is, the package Qi Kewa, received a copy C2040-921 of the indictment, I feel quite face, who are not allowed to laugh at me and asked IASSC ICBB Practice President Ends , ranging package Qi Kewa people call her, immediately sit down automatically. What s your name ah Lust of the President very kindly ask the third defendant, You IASSC ICBB Practice have to stand up. He found Maslova sat still, he inquired gently. Maslova agile posture to stand up, an obedient look, and straighten tall chest, smiling with her eyes slightly squinting black eyes IASSC ICBB stare straight MB6-819 President s face, nothing He did not answer. what is your name Liu Bo Fu. She said quickly. IASSC ICBB Practice Nekhludoff this time has to wear pince nez, IASSC ICBB Practice along with the President of the interrogation, the accused one by one child look in his eyes.

on battalion defense area defense area to conduct reconnaissance and now to build E20-475 fortifications, and later, 500-275 and then the group is now the second echelon battalion area to conduct reconnaissance. Now place during the investigation, should follow the instructions issued by the General IASSC ICBB Practice Staff and the local defense battalion exemplary embodiment of FIG. Offensive various areas of defense constructed by IASSC ICBB Practice the following relevant persons responsible for 1 The Establishment channel and a second channel region by the General Minister of the Military Engineering Department is IASSC ICBB Practice responsible for the Red Army, by the Army, Corps of RDCR201 Engineers and local residents embodiment 2 to build the fifth and sixth Road Road area of responsibility of IASSC ICBB Dumps the North Caucasus Military District Military Commission. In addition, the North Caucasus Military District Military Commission IASSC ICBB Practice must accelerate the city of Rostov periphery of each line of defense to build. First set up in front of the leading edge anti tank obstacles anti tank ditches, anti tank cliff, anti tank and anti tank cliff pile Vill.ransporting troops ammunition, food is very difficult to rely on people to move shoulder. Local residents to support a large army. Soviet soldiers often wading forward HP0-660 in flood areas. Army commander decided to disregard these cases continue to attack. But the impact of April 6 has not been successful. Thus, the commander of the 56th Army began to adjust the deployment of troops to strengthen the battle formation density and the establishment of the Group s breakthrough assault on the lot, and the rest removed to some corps, instead JN0-311 cutting edge troops. Also prepare for battle the enemy, they strengthen the Crimean IASSC ICBB Practice Kaya local forces. The enemy air force bombed our troops continuously, trying to hamper their actions. April 14, the North 310-252R Caucasus and transferred to the Army attack. ICBB 58th Army, the 9th Army and 37th Army forces carried out continuously from morning to night attack, but the enemy s defense does not break or conflict. Army action within the first 56 war zones is progressing more smoothly. After the break the enemy 1Z0-207 army to resist breaks Tuo Laya Rive.

ICBB Practice ans kill half to Russia to solve the problem 1941 1943 German policy toward Turkey, German Foreign Ministry document sets the second edition of the Moscow State political Books Publishing House HC-035-531-CHS in 1946 edition, page IASSC ICBB 98. Turkish reactionaries desperately stepping up preparations for a military invasion of the Soviet Union. Summer 1942, Turkish army staff headquarters that Turkey to participate in this war is almost inevitable. Turkish war a matter of time depends on the Turkish army when it can get ICBB a sufficient number of weapons and equipment. It seems the direction of attack Turkish army is to after the Iranian plateau toward Baku. Ibid In another neighboring countries Iran, the situation is not so calm. Since the German fascists in the Soviet German front line rapid progress south west of Iran s pro French anti Soviet activity temporarily rampant. Whenever the German invaders in the North Caucasus after the occupation of a city, the local pro Nazi fascists would hang out IASSC ICBB Practice a flag. Among the population spread all kinds of rumors defeat in the Red Army in.

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