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PMI PMI-001 Study Material re arrested. These patriots tortured by the PMI PMI-001 Study Material enemy, was killed near the town of Carolina Soil Hayes Kosovska Asia. People Avenger total of more than 500 operations and 9A0-063 attacks, destroying many bridges crossing l00, blow up cars section 500, locomotive 20, 14 to blow up the warehouse and attacked the enemy commander sector 15, 27 defenders, police PMI PMI-001 Exam 15 team, attack the enemy axle team of more than 100, destroyed 250 enemy cars, captured more than 400 SPRINGEIWSCERTV1.0 enemy PMI-001 soldiers, reconnaissance 300 times. Novorossiysk guerrillas and guerrilla districts Novorossiysk party secretary N Wa Xiefu command in these battles is particularly prominent. Krasnodar Krai s northeast , Thunderstorm , patriotic 070-528-CSHARP , new , Kill and other C90-03A guerrillas and M H blue fruit Voith, A Nikitin, package Cukor and other partisans and underground workers Wal NS0-502 gone. But still it must be noted that although the Fascist Germans suffered heavy failure, but North Caucasus Army can not annihilate it. Under strong enemy guard cover an area of PMI PMI-001 Study Material a region alternately to retreat back, leaving large quantities of weaponry.

es 81 brigades and strengthen their artillery and tanks, Xie Nayar, and the implementation of major assault to Xi Bike, direction on the implementation of assault Nikolayevich Hargreaves PMI PMI-001 Study Material base segment in the liberation of Crimea l March 29 Kaya, to Kalashnikov assault Kaya Valley development and to the development of some troops up Erbakan Sharansky assault. In addition, the Army 3rd Army infantry and an infantry PMI PMI-001 Study Material divisions Kathrine spring, the implementation of the general direction of Nirvana do not pass on cane Mirza Aliyev Chomsky Hill section of the auxiliary assault, and surrounded and annihilated in the Navy landed with soldiers Novorossiysk groups PMI PMI-001 and attack Trask. 47th Army command to create two artillery in the direction 1Z1-042 of Novorossiysk and absorb coastal artillery and naval artillery war. Navy landing forces from the 83rd Marine Brigade, 255th Brigade, Separate Marines Battalion 323, a separate and independent tank machine gun battalion 563 of battalions PMI PMI-001 Study Material from the Black Sea fleet transported to Nanao Ze column Ica region landing, after landing the 47t.antry troops and motorized infantry division of the 40th Brigade to direction chase, A A Grech gold command of Major General in the Army 16th Infantry 236th infantry division H E Qiuwakefu commander Major General , the 10th infantry brigade and infantry brigade l07 along the dirt road to the Saudi Arab Puxie Gong Mian chase, 395 infantry PMI PMI-001 Study Material division commander Colonel Rakhimov and the 68th infantry brigade troops to three rafters tree, direction chase. Until January 16, the 18th Army has captured , Gunawan Eka, Saudi Mian three residential areas, into Saudi Mian, Gunnar Geyi Man mountain and hill areas. PMI PMI-001 Study Material Long before the Black Sea cluster attack began, A Army Group in combat logs January 1943 lo date on the record A army group chief of staff to talk about his views on the issue of withdrawal, he said, in under no circumstances should hold the a army group commander in those places mentioned in the command. You must do PMI PMI-001 Study Material this, but in order not to give the enemy with complete freedom and in order to avoid the last minute withdrawal flee into If, for th.

PMI-001 Study Material PMI PMI-001 Study Material y s resistance getting stronger. Further, since the few roads muddy and difficult, armies reinforcing artillery also left behind in the mountains did not arrive, and with army troops with artillery guns only every 20 30 rounds, mortars and ammunition situation worse troops and detachments each mortars only 10 12 rounds. Since the rugged road, artillery logistical fall behind 30 60 kilometers. But PMI-001 there is the enemy 000-455 of the good road network extending in all directions, troops and weapons are free to maneuver. For these reasons, the Black Sea cluster did not complete the original task. So 1Z0-554 the PMI PMI-001 Supreme Command ordered the February 2, Given the PMI-001 positive impact of the 47th Army to the Crimea Kaya and direction of 1D0-520 the lack of progress special command you in the south of Krasnodar region launch a flank assault make up the 47th Army of the positive impact, for the 56th PMI PMI-001 Dumps Army should be drawn by the west, and PMI PMI-001 Study Material to Nuowo Bo hot Geka Yi, Montolivo Kosovska Asia, Asia, Kerry the implementation of the general direction of the wood Kaya assault, cutting off heat Geka 9A0-170 Yi Nuo Wob.

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