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SAP C_PM_70 Study Material ted behind a main defense area. Night, leaving only a small number of troops on the front cover with artillery, mortars, tanks and engineering units, infantry units. They kept on all night to put flares illuminated the former frontier terrain, where there once found our troops movement, lived there shooting. The next morning, since our army in the CFS night and night to tune up artillery and mortars, so army troops and the formation of the enemy troops cover the advantages, so he forced the enemy C_PM_70 to retreat back. Later, in order to repeat all over again. The enemy is an embodiment of mobile defense, the army had to break it step by step, therefore, is not the place to destroy the enemy, but it arrived at an area. In the case of the use of this tactic of the enemy, should the enemy before and after the two defense areas simultaneously firepower assault, and then followed by a barrage of its depth into the disease, destroy their effectives and weapons technology. But to do this, our troops and weapons is not enough, especially firearms and vehicles is not enough

and mortar fire preparation, and then sent 120 tanks, mounted on tanks HC-035-825-ENU and hundreds of assault rifles hand over one foot forward infantry regiment launched a shock to me. Enemy tanks divided into two clusters group of 50, a group of 132-S-916.4 70 full gallop to me, they attempt along the hillside from C_PM_70 the road between one fell swoop into the valley. It can be clearly seen from the telescope, from my defense for 5 7 km of the road also assembled a large number of German invaders car towed artillery and infantry carrier vehicles. This enemy is ready to expand the depth of victories second assault echelon. When the enemy tanks into defensive positions before the 700 I 800 meters, our artillery and mortars opened fire on them violently. Our gunner put a 1Z0-525 few bullets shuttle fascist submachine hand sweeping down from the tank. At SAP C_PM_70 Study Material this time, the artillery fire immediately transferred to a tank 300 meters behind the infantry. Rocket also carried out several precise volley, their shells bloom in the group of fascist infantry. Fascists lose half, they began to escape backwardss attempts to strengthen the army as well as timely right wing forces. Although our military reconnaissance HC-035-231-CHS reported repeatedly found the enemy is changing the deployment of troops, but two Command reached a wrong conclusion. Then comes because the army prepared to implement the anti assault, so they are the enemies of this change is to strengthen the deployment of STI-304 SAP C_PM_70 Study Material troops to the judgment of a defensive measure. October 25 morning, the enemy fighter bomber under the cover of the 37th Army troops and army headquarters in the implementation of a comprehensive violent SAP C_PM_70 assault. There are SAP C_PM_70 Study Material more than 70 enemy planes bombed army headquarters, and the northern cluster communication links interrupted. Since the army headquarters moved from not yet ready to SAP C_PM_70 Hasa Nilles local SAP C_PM_70 Study Material command post, so to break SAP C_PM_70 Exam the army command. After obtaining the German 642-591 mountain infantry troops to strengthen the Romanian 2nd Division in a burst of artillery were short, violent Jixi shot to the offensive at 10 am. Carrying a submachine gun hand tanks at Barrage Bakesanie Roanoke, old Keliebosi sea.

C_PM_70 Study Material rid of the Soviet enemy troops chase, you want to hold our ground line Kuma River northern cluster commander January 3 cluster command all troops gave chase the enemy before the enemy occupied Kuma River frontline areas and HP2-B104 Hitler bandits there can C_PM_70 not organize strong defense. January 3, northern cluster beginning of a full pursuit of the enemy. The same SAP C_PM_70 Study Material day, the Caucasus Army commander personally Northern Command headquarters cluster team pursuit of 70-554-CSHARP the enemy. January 4, part of a SAP C_PM_70 Study Material cluster deployment of troops after the change, 000-047 continue to implement the offensive line, after a day of fighting in the area forward of some 15 20 kilometers, more than 30 residents of the liberation of the land. Regional army in Ney crossed Terek River, on the final day before the capture of Klaas Grenoble Si Keye. 5th Infantry Brigade SAP C_PM_70 Study Material and 62 Tank Brigade 140 of some troops captured together with the Ninth Army prokhladny SAP C_PM_70 Dumps by, and approaching cleats Date Si Kaya. January 6, SAP C_PM_70 Study Material 131 Infantry Brigade captured SAP C_PM_70 Study Material the cleat Date Si Kaya. Only in certain directions, I advance of tanks and SAP C_PM_70 Study Material moto.

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