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EMC E20-670 Certification d 30th Division, since May Ku Lake Uro battle lost, the cluster 920-473 will be the main force in the north Orser Akzo Art, Long Cami Chibougamau region occupied defense. Guards Infantry Corps under the jurisdiction of the Grenadier Guards 4th Brigade, 5th Brigade, 6th Brigade and 7th Brigade command and return its operations on 63 cavalry divisions, in Mai Ao Sikorski, Arbatov state farms area defense. In between these two forces form an approximately 100 kilometer wide gap, this gap by our Air Force is responsible for screening. Before the start of combat operations north cluster got 9 artillery regiment, strengthened 10 anti tank destroyer artillery regiment, two groups and two mortar rockets Corps. There are five tank brigades, EMC E20-670 Certification eight independent tank battalions and six armored 1Y0-258 train compiled within the cluster. 4th Army Air Force compiled within 232 aircraft. Nalchik before the battle began, the North cluster in terms of EMC E20-670 Exam comparative strength of infantry, artillery and mortars were dominant against the enemy, but in terms of enemy tanks EMC E20-670 Certification still have the edge. The ma.

e Soviet blow. France and Germany s military and economic, in spite of very tight military spending in 1941 was 71 billion marks in 1942 increased to 86 billion marks, 1943 increased LOT-441 to 91 billion marks competing see 310-131 1939 During the 1945 war the German industry s page 65. , but could not fully compensate for the loss of weapons and weapons technology. We put a lot of new technology factory workers and EMC E20-670 Certification unskilled foreign workers to get Arsenal, where the original skilled workers sent to the front, which is EMC E20-670 Certification the quality of the arms of EMC E20-670 Dumps the very influential. All of the above, so that by the 70-552-CSHARP end of 1942 the Soviet everywhere can achieve significant turning point in the Battle of the Caucasus has also been the turning point. First half of EMC E20-670 Certification November, the Caucasus Army of Northern Cluster German tanks First Army forces to implement a series of strong counter assault, the enemy suffered 210-060 heavy losses, EMC E20-670 Certification and to abandon its passing Ordzhonikidze Grozny and then outwardly Caucasus breakthrough attempts. In late November 70-466 and December, the Caucasus Army Black Sea Cluster also th.ible for safeguarding feint landing EMC E20-670 Certification troops landing there 000-104 on the shore artillery. In order for the landing troops landed near the EMC E20-670 Certification line direct fire support, with the configuration on the east coast of the Bay of Cadiz Simmel launch position Novorossiysk naval base No. 525 artillery positions, a 76 mm artillery, one 45 mm artillery and a mortar composition even a direct support artillery. In addition, with four 152 mm artillery batteries, four 100 mm artillery, six 45 76 mm artillery and five l20 mm mortar composition even an artillery group, landing troops EMC E20-670 Certification ashore after the battle fire escort. Novorossiysk naval base artillery channeled M C Malakhov command of Lieutenant Colonel. Prescribed fire preparedness plans that have been identified enemy targets for 15 minutes Jixi shooting. When transporting soldiers landed landing ships approaching the coast artillery fire blocking should be implemented not move to block the edge of the landing area. In order to correct artillery fire, artillery spotting whistle portable radios along with landing forces ashore together.

E20-670 Certification nearly prepared to commit Baku. German militarists not only Baku as an E20-670 important oil producing areas, but also as a whole Transcaucasia revolutionary forces of the United Center, Europe to Asia, Near and Middle East countries in the throat. Baku still in hands of the people as long as the labor day, the October Revolution, the red flag still flying over Baku day, German does not believe that their domination in the 00M-624 Caucasus is strong. This is why Germany and 070-162 Turkey to the imperialists as stubbornly to Baku offensive reasons. Germany invaded the Caucasus and interventionist To achieve its aggressive plan, using not only Turkey and Georgia poultry Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan nationalist government, but also the use fled E20-670 to the south of EMC E20-670 Certification the country s white bandit chieftain counter E20-670 revolutionary generals Krasnov, Deng Nepal gold and other gang leaders. German imperialists to EMC E20-670 help General Krasnov Tsaritsyn attack to the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea region with the contact between Soviet EMC E20-670 Russia cut off, and prevented Soviet aid to the Caucasus peoples, first s.

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