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Veritas HA-022X Study Material my tanks, 1Z0-600 air defense weapons carried out a detailed reconnaissance, Veritas HA-022X Study Material 00M-638 artillery and infantry tanks nor give strong support. as a result, the tank often single handedly broke into the enemy positions, suffered great losses. At that time, some of HA-022X our military forces and equipment or American tanks, tank combat this bad performance. Article l34 tank regiment regiment in Mozdok northeast region with the Guards Cavalry 4th Army Operations , head of the Colonel Tikhon Cukor December 14, 1942 Veritas HA-022X Study Material Veritas HA-022X in the report, said In the desert to combat the use of American tanks was headache, crawler kept dropping, stuck in a sand broke down due to low power, running speed is very slow. coupled with a 75 mm tank gun is not mounted on the turret, but mounted on the front fender of the vehicle body on, when an enemy tank fire, had to turn around so that Veritas HA-022X Dumps the tank, and this tank stuck on a steering sand get out, so shooting is very difficult. see the Soviet Defense Ministry archives files files 15, NO 1600, dossier 1336, p. 52 Soviet officers and men of fighting very brave in Mozdok dire.

deep within the defense area, HA-022X and the terrain here and almost everywhere plain, the enemy quickly Corps unimpeded to facilitate mobility. Once, for example Army Military Commission proposed to prevent the enemy Saar Trask, HA-022X the fruit Er Leike yeah, line, but failed to achieve this task. Because there are a lot of small groups of enemy tanks break through army defense Pat, into the army and behind the wing, and I seized the army first occupied like the line of defense areas. Since very few of our military aviation, the army can Veritas HA-022X Study Material not be precise and effective screening action. In the first phase of the Battle Veritas HA-022X Study Material of the Caucasus during the entire defensive battle, the enemy holds the air, so that our army suffered heavy losses, especially when fighting in open terrain army losses particularly severe. Caucasian defensive battle, some of our corps, division heads and department commander poor command troops, but also one of the Veritas HA-022X Exam important reasons for our military defeat. He lost command of the troops, since no one leader, often floundered, which sometimes shot to hold r.deological work. Minority party and government fighters use their native language to ask help gradually solved. Several republics of the Central Committee of the Party sent troops to the Caucasus P2090-047 and Veritas HA-022X Study Material political 187 proficient staff of the national languages of Central Veritas HA-022X Study Material Asia. Only the Veritas HA-022X 58th Army had 680 such agitators. In the 10th Guards Infantry 310-067 Brigade 200 agitators, there are more than 50 national languages can be used to talk with soldiers, political staff attaches great importance to the training of these comrades. These comrades can not 920-111 only talk to the minority fighters, but also open servicemen Assembly. The agitator will not only say, and do, in the battle to make a good example. 417 Infantry Division as Veritas HA-022X Study Material Khachaturian, Grigory Romanov good and three agitators, is famous sniper division, they eliminated a total of 232 Hitler bandits. Division soldiers are to emulate them, to carry out the enemy race. Their combat experience introduces won unanimous praise, inspire the soldiers to create exploits. September 20, 1942, a time when the fight against Hitler ban.

HA-022X Study Material 1941, as the war in the Soviet German front line of attack, but only in 9A0-154 southern China attacked. In this way, they can focus on a large, aviation groups in the southwest direction. In 050-SEPRODLP-01 the Caucasus defense, 920-256 army aviation combat activities were conducted under such conditions as long front with l, ooo I km , mountainous terrain and mountainous Veritas HA-022X Study Material terrain, the main operational direction of the Caucasus mountains separated by the main vein. Veritas HA-022X Study Material Thus, the operational command system is also very unique there are two in the Army Air Force, 070-505 Army compiled, each owned by a campaign army commander cluster command in combat. In the Caucasus defense, aviation combat activities on its content and duration can be divided into two phases a a first stage, July 22 on August 17, the army in the Don crossing battle and subsequent retreat to the Caucasus piedmont phase ii the second stage, August 18 12 1Z0-584 month, Caucasian defensive battle stage. With the passage of fronts to Piedmont, army aviation ground forces uninterrupted air cover and fire support in a timely manner because it Veritas HA-022X Study Material is di.

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