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IGP HHS Practice re test of the defense IGP HHS Practice and with unprecedented fighting very high offensive spirit. Attack in the North Caucasus, the High Command of the wise decision, but also has great IGP HHS Practice significance. Since the Soviet Supreme Command in defense fighting season in the southwest direction to raise a strong reserve, and thus protect the North Caucasus IGP HHS Practice and Transcaucasia Army Army in a timely manner to the offensive action. However, it should be noted, Transcaucasia and HHS the North Caucasus Army Army failed to 640-802 completely surround and annihilate the enemy in the North Caucasus group. Despite the German fascist great loss, but they escape the fate of being wiped out, and the part of the army IGP HHS Practice HP0-J27 withdraw Taman Peninsula, and later evacuated to the IGP HHS Practice Crimea. This is due to many reasons. First, because the enemy has a powerful group in the Caucasus, in particular, we have a strong group of tanks, and a large number of aviation support secondly, because of the lack of rapid army corps in the attack, in particular the lack of Tank Corps, ammunition supply not 6209.1 on moreover, in the army operation.

7th infantry brigade, the 16th brigade and l03 brigade with these forces simultaneously transported to the grid even cure many grams of weapons and 70-337 ammunition, including rockets only have more than 600 tons. During the assault, the fleet forces and joint operations between the 47th Army from the Novorossiysk naval defense area C Deputy Commander Rear Admiral Gorshkov in charge of directing. January 1943, the cluster offensive campaign in the Black Sea including landings direct preparation and unfolding of the season, to continue to intensify naval transport troops, ammunition IGP HHS Dumps and weapons technology to the Army. Although maritime transport, there IGP HHS Practice are many difficulties, but all necessary supplies are still relatively promptly transported to the Black Sea cluster base. But armies logistics much more difficult. Most of the roads are winding stretch along the mountain rivers, passing through the main vein Caucasus mountain pass, is not suitable for large convoys. To pass, you IGP HHS Practice must use a P2170-033 lot of manpower, it takes a long time to widen rebuilt. Because of lack of car.However, the end of December 1941, Kerch Transcaucasian Army, the Black Sea Fleet and SCNA_TSE.EN_EX0294 the Azov Sea Fleet implemented landings of Sevastopol defenders is a direct support 220-603 of combat. Epic Battle of Sevastopol played more than eight months. The main enemy of the Black IGP HHS Sea Fleet base in the implementation of several storm, but all failed. Sevastopol defenders put a lot of German and Romanian army to contain more than eight months, and the fascist German command was unable to take up then the 11th Army from the Kerch Strait Caucasus offensive or strengthen Rostov region 000-856 First Army tank. Thus, Hitler invaded the Caucasus in 1941 culprits attempts also failed to succeed. Victory in the Battle of Moscow, Rostov, Zych and text Crimea battle to prove that the Red Army to attack a good guard. Fascist IGP HHS Practice army in several battles in heavy losses. Our military victory in the west, northwest and southwest direction, not only has great military significance, but also has great spiritual and political significance. German war against the Soviet Union into a protracted war. Howev.

HHS Practice top the revolution Baku aid. German invaders from Sukhumi military assistance to Georgia to IGP HHS Exam Sochi bourgeois nationalists and soil apo Xie IGP HHS Practice attack, collusion Denikin white bandit. German imperialists such internal borrowing of counter revolutionary forces attempt to drilling in the North Caucasus, in order to occupy Kuban grain producing areas, Maikop and Grozny fields. German and Turkish invaders against the multi ethnic composition of the Caucasian peoples, their HHS character, religious 000-316 and cultural characteristics, tsarism many centuries made ethnic conflicts in an attempt to easily implement their IGP HHS Practice plans Caucasus, Azerbaijan and they Daghestan mischief and destruction were IGP HHS everywhere, then move, creating a big rumor Baku Soviet power, in the middle of inciting Muslims Islamism emotions, and so on. However, not all are PEGACIS_V6.2 tricks to help achieve the German invaders seize their wealth Caucasus plan, not to help foreign yoke of slavery set in the body HHS Caucasus working people. Soviet Communist Party and the Soviet government s wise foreign policy and national policy, t.

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