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HP HP0-Y50 Questions to pass on what each wash its hands. When the report on August 10 the Supreme Command of the Army Command reported to the respective pass defense case expressed doubt raise some questions when asked for clarification, the word Army headquarters to these questions can not answer, because they do not own What is clear what Yamaguchi guarded by troops, which Yamaguchi ready to do damage. Only in the High Command repeatedly reminded to strengthen the defense and pass the fascist German Army defense breakthrough quickly to the 070-668 North HC-035-520-CHS Caucasus mountains Caucasus main HP HP0-Y50 Questions vein northern piedmont onrush when Transcaucasian Army headquarters just feel bad situation HP0-M17 here. To August 10 after the army commander to make a series of decisions to HP HP0-Y50 Questions strengthen the defense on each pass. In addition to strengthening the Yamaguchi Shoubing, but also make the Mountain Infantry Division and 20th Infantry 070-564 Division 394 reconnaissance detachment sent to some of the northern slope of the mountain 20 km far away from each team routed a force HP HP0-Y50 Questions of about one connected. In addition, the army comm.

certain area, and thus not be able to guarantee the rapid advance of the infantry. You repeatedly frequent changes in various army deployment, tasks and boundaries, making HP HP0-Y50 Questions it HP0-Y50 difficult for them to implement 1Z0-418 effective offensive action. Of Novorossiysk landing forces were strengthening too slowly, the results did not take advantage of its favorable situation, undue losses. You must be corrected as soon as possible the above drawbacks, to take all measures rapidly to strengthen Novorossiysk landing force, with all troops and weapons firm effectively encircled enemy Krasnodar group and the enemy can not be safely and unimpeded withdrawal of the army from the North Caucasus. From HP HP0-Y50 Questions the current situation, it can complete the task of the High Command, the Army also has all the conditions for the completion of this task. See the Soviet Ministry of Defense Archives File file 3, No. 11556, dossier 12, p. 198 199 Independent left wing army infantry brigade in action after the first 16 southern February 18 morning liberation Azov Hayes Kaya town and town, and along the Kra.face of the enemy Caucasian Army, 600 aircraft, mainly used cluster bomb various units of the Black Sea, in particular to cover the bombing of Shia Park HP HP0-Y50 Questions Xie direction of the Black Sea cluster troops. For example, October 1 lo day Caucasus Army were deployed C2010-655 outside the aircraft and 2,498 sorties, of HP HP0-Y50 Exam which only 636 sorties in the north cluster, and the cluster of the Black Sea was 1,862 sorties. Thus, 3202 in the 8,9 two months failed to get a decisive battle victories A Army Group, to the end of September and to begin preparations for the first l7 Army troops attack the soil with tanks and apo Xie first Austrian Army troops attack P11-101 Er Zhong Nepal Kai is up. Fascist German command of its forces attach great importance to the Black Sea region of soil apomorphine Xie entered. Hitler emphasized the significance of the HP HP0-Y50 Questions breakthrough in l942 September 18 conversation with Keidel, he said thanks to the soil apo direction breakthrough, and later the Georgian military highway blockade to the Caspian Sea is of decisive HP0-Y50 importance onrush of see military history magazine.

HP0-Y50 Questions ircraft and 12 fighter, 11 30 participate in the second ST1-083 air strike, only 23 attack aircraft HP HP0-Y50 Dumps and 22 fighter. On the battlefield over the Air Force command is also not enough, they are often aimless perform scheduled tasks, so that the enemy aviation activities rampant, indiscriminate bombing of army ground forces. On this HP HP0-Y50 day in the morning, the enemy air force bombing and strafing army brazenly attacking forces, but in the afternoon the situation was slightly better. Artillery firing effect is not large, this is because the goal is not observed in many cases, the only area were shot. Results launch point on the leading edge does not suppress the enemy, the HP HP0-Y50 army infantry attack frustrated. Only K N Valov general command of Major General HP HP0-Y50 Questions 383 Infantry Division, on the southeast corner of town occupied three blocks. B A Kornilov commanded LOT-981 by Lieutenant Colonel HP HP0-Y50 Questions section 15l tank brigade after 14 00 into the fight HP HP0-Y50 Questions was organized enemy resistance, the loss of 10 tanks. Army fought two days and nights, also failed to break the enemy defense HP0-Y50 area. Offensive loss is main.

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