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Juniper JN0-643 Exam ya, so Juniper JN0-643 Dumps on this road German fascist movement interrupted. Ibid., See dossier 7, pp. 102 103 Hitler bandit had to be transferred JN0-643 back from the front line combat troops guarding the rear portion of the target and 1Z1-873 to fight with the guerrillas. Because of our military organization has been continuously strengthened, bravely and resolutely combat, theater people and actively supporting the front and in behind enemy lines to carry out the results of the struggle, the fascist Germans stopped the attack earth apomorphine thank direction. The enemy could not be completed in the south of the ICGB Kuban river to surround and annihilate the Soviet overcome soil apo Frank Black Sea and into Juniper JN0-643 fundamental tasks. Finally, we summarize the lessons learned from the Caucasus war battle defense stage of the first phase should be noted that in the 212-056 1942 Nian July 25 to August 17 this period of our military combat operations in the North Caucasus is to me adverse conditions carried out under. German fascists in the number of tanks, artillery and aviation account for absolute Juniper JN0-643 Exam superiority

y rain the aircraft can not take off and land. As Juniper JN0-643 Exam a result, the Black Sea Fleet and the Azov Sea fleet combat troops used small pieces of land by battle, yet the majority of the naval base and build a complete lack of air cover and other conditions of the restrictions. Azov Sea fleet has four gunboats, Juniper JN0-643 Exam a shallow heavy gunboats, 3 boat river gunboat, three frigates, four armored boats, seven torpedo gang boats, 56 corvettes and 12 minesweepers to the previous July 28, and two aviation brigades, 13 coastal artillery, two anti aircraft guns Juniper JN0-643 Exam and three Marines barracks camp. Xiejie Er Kafelnikov command of Rear Admiral Caspian fleet in 1942 6 July has compiled within six gunboats, three anti aircraft guns and even floating, glue 3 frigates, 15 corvettes, two mine clearance E20-918 ship, a minelayer and three PT boats. According to July 1942 the south wing of MB4-218 the Soviet German front war, the high command indicating the Azov Sea Fleet and the Black Sea Fleet of Soviet ground forces support the defense of the coast here, to stop the enemy landing forces landed to protect our.ompleted the task Juniper JN0-643 Exam recipient. They use the radio Juniper JN0-643 sent a number of important information the location of the enemy commander departments, marching column movement, the identification code on the vehicle and so on. Army intelligence With these, you can find out the enemy forces designation retreat, retreat and so the direction Juniper JN0-643 Exam of the case. Long range reconnaissance group of very brave and decisive battle. They are in addition to gathering intelligence behind enemy lines, but also burned two cars enemy, Block 1 warehouse and army bombers to blow up the enemy base indicating that MB3-408 the target 1 large ammunition depot. All scouts have JN0-643 won Soviet orders and medals. Ibid. staff led by long range Juniper JN0-643 Exam reconnaissance group with a radio to follow the 646-227 attacking forces forward, latent Cliffs Kaya, Kaya Hargreaves Hargreaves and Van Tullow Kaya town, in a timely manner, all of the information to be reported to the Army Intelligence Service. Long range scout Huai Wei, Jie column Tymoshenko warrant officer, Andre Qiefu sergeant, Sergeant Juniper JN0-643 Exam Evangelista Tarasyuk, Bang Daer sergeant, Ki.

JN0-643 Exam nfantry battalion and 12 mortar training regiment compiled. The detachment 920-216 also JN0-643 been strengthened armored train 36 battalions and 4l camp. ES0-007 NKVD Infantry of the 11th Division the division in combat on the command of Major General Yevgeny Murphy normalized season leading to Mineralnye Vody and yeah first to base close to the road occupied defense. Before August 8 end of the day, the vanguard of the 40th army of Juniper JN0-643 Exam enemy tanks arrived in the ring Horse River North, with cavalry detachments Gdansk school started fighting. Participants heroic cavalry against enemy tanks and motorized infantry impact. Mineralnye Vody enemy 50-710 in front of all attempts to force a Kuma River were not to succeed. In this battle, the participants were 10 wounded enemy tanks and destroy a large number of enemy soldiers. Since August 9 morning, Hitler bandits again from the north face Mineralnye Vody Juniper JN0-643 Exam attack, but their impact students were repulsed. 40 when the tank commanders saw here when picking less expensive, they leave some troops Juniper JN0-643 Exam against Gdansk cavalry school students, while the rest of t.

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