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LSI L50-501 Study Guides Valley Park Xie Kazakhstan, October 7 to implement anti assault recovery Austrian Previn goods mountains and Mala Du Jinshan area of the original situation, and to implement the direction of the red HP0-M19 base assault. Meanwhile, the commander of the Black Sea cluster to reserve the 328 Infantry Division and the 40th Motorized Rifle Brigade attached to transfer command LSI L50-501 Study Guides of the 18th Army. The first echelon Army troops to reinforce the right wing and the center. OKW October 2nd Army commander gave 70-681 their instructions The basic task of the Black Sea is a cluster in LSI L50-501 Study Guides any case must not let the soil apo Xie other direction and the direction of the enemy fled to the Black Sea, so as to arrange when crushed the enemy battle Group redeployment of troops, should not weaken the forces of soil apo thank direction. SCAP not opposed to this campaign, special commands First, the 40th Infantry Brigade to stay in area, even Defence Valley Park Shi closely, to prevent the enemy defense along into my soil A Puxie Gong road troops behind Park Shi even river. Second, 31 Infantry Division.

illas with the task of precepts. Not long ago 30 December 1942 , Stavropol border guerrilla headquarters chief of staff of M A Suslov issued a strong step up struggle against the enemy, the command. Guerrillas layout tasks are attack the enemy troops retreat, the full support of the Red Army attacking forces, to defend the people s 920-141 property factories, mines, agricultural machinery stations and collective farms , to prevent the enemy to the Soviets arrived in Germany, in the JK0-020 local people Red Army s victory in the widely publicized news. Stavropol guerrillas with Red Army troops EE0-501 liberated more than 70 residential areas, destroying the enemy s effective strength and a lot of weapons technology. Stavropol in the liberation battle, the 44th LSI L50-501 Army Infantry Division troops have been 347 guerrillas great assistance. At that time ,, in Stavropol border capital city has six underground guerrilla group to a total of 100 individuals activities. They used various means to aid the Soviet offensive force, such as when I raid bomber fight flares to destroy the enemy telephone.phill battle. 37th Army under guard to cover southeast of Stavropol retreat. After a strong enemy tanks assault cluster implementation, I break HP0-Y45 the 37th LSI L50-501 LSI L50-501 Study Guides Army rearguard resistance, on August 5 to oppress their subjects Revnice Cove, Nadezhda, Chhabra area and captured the Stavropol. Enemy occupation of Stavropol and later to continue LSI L50-501 Study Guides to Nirvana text Nuomaisike, Mineralnye Vody, Gdansk direction to expand affirmative action. In accordance with the instructions of the High 0B0-104 Command, the two detachment transferred to this direction. Kamenev Cole leaves the command of Major detachment by the four lower bracket of infantry and artillery compiled 6 occupied by Nuoye defense on Poco, Erhan Geer Si Keye area Season LSI L50-501 Exam Could command of Major General Yevgeny the detachment in Nina station, Mineralnye Vody area Kuma River the occupation line of defense, this detachment from the Rostov artillery school, Poltava tractor school, riding school Gdansk, the Ordzhonikidze 2 machine gun infantry school even, advanced infantry school, three motorized infantry battalion, a motorized i.

L50-501 Study Guides 56th Army troops vacancy great individual Corps commanders and Krasnodar LSI L50-501 Study Guides militia detachment together to fight the enemy infantry HP0-D14 Army 5th Infantry Division and various motorized division swarms HC-223-CHS attack. In this battle the Kuban River, they were independent flotillas Kuban Azov Sea Fleet a river gunboat, four armored boats, 22 LSI L50-501 Study Guides corvettes support. This detachment is responsible for supporting the nearby Krasnodar LSI L50-501 Study Guides Kuban River line of defense and security L50-501 forces fighting Kuban River crossing safety. August 10 afternoon, LSI L50-501 Dumps the enemy into the 050-SEPROAUTH-01 northeast corner of the city of Krasnodar, LSI L50-501 Study Guides L50-501 and the 9th Infantry Division, 73rd Infantry Division and the 1st Mountain Division troops southeast implementation of assault, attempted takeover Pash Coffs Kaya ferry, cut off my posterior in L50-501 Krasnodar Krasnodar near the LSI L50-501 Study Guides ferry had been bombed troops. The two sides Pache Coffs Kaya area launched a fierce battle. Colonel Al Shencai Fu command Il seats LSI L50-501 Study Guides 30 grams of red Infantry Division commanders played particularly heroic. The division under extreme circumstances and lack of ammunition on.

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