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Microsoft MB5-626 Vce uantities of ammunition to the army, it can not constitute the necessary firepower density. Do not focus on the use of 1Z0-547 tanks. In the middle of the attack to 070-621 each enemy defense areas, often do not carefully organized co operation between the tanks and the infantry and artillery. Impact of the enemy army tanks emission points on the road, sometimes not exactly pressed down. When the enemy retreated to the back of an area, do not chase the enemy tanks sometimes often at night the enemy to retreat, and Microsoft MB5-626 Vce the Microsoft MB5-626 Vce army tanks only by daylight. Army to attack enemy defenses each intermediate region are usually carried out from the road between, sometimes lack the necessary preparations. Often not infantry and artillery cover with the other Microsoft MB5-626 branches of the military a time until they step into the enemy machine gun fire into the effective range of the enemy suddenly opened fire, so that was a big killer after repulsed. For example, the 2nd Guards Infantry Division in character Tuo Laya River, Keqi Di area 395 infantry regiment had a completely even lighting up. Ninth Army a.

mall bucket of water MB5-626 containing iron from the hospital to a Microsoft MB5-626 Exam few kilometers outside the Kamenka river to transport water. On one occasion, the weather is particularly hot, Hitler issued the culprits deliberately wounded moldy smelly salted fish to eat. Hungry people anxious horse put salted fish to swallow. A few hours later, they feel very thirsty. But the water had given hiding. After 000-287 repeated representations before allowing them to transport water. POWs water pull back, this expect to drink a few mouthfuls. But the security chief let all the water spilled onto the floor. Wounded three Microsoft MB5-626 Vce days and nights did not drink a Tangshui. The fourth day of rain. People are struggling to suffering from thirst, ward climb out and want to get a little drink dirty water on the floor, but just climb over the Microsoft MB5-626 Dumps threshold to run into the enemy submachine gun fire. MB4-198 Only this day, there are 48 people were killed Hitler bandits. Many people stand up to this cruel torture he fainted. In January 1943, that the hospital where suddenly found typhus epidemic. This can be frightened fasc.issued a statement saying February 12, in the Cuban army captured after fierce impact Krasnodar, as well as sub district tima Stanishev ska and rail hub, Rogoff ska Asia, Hopkins Kaya, Kosovska business district and the train station, Iraqi district. In this way, the heart of the Kuban region, political, economic and cultural 3100 center of the ancient city of Cossacks Krasnodar regained liberation. Army Air Microsoft MB5-626 Vce Force in the Battle of the Krasnodar offensive ground forces give great support. Caucasus Mountains original is separated from the main vein of the 4th Air Army and Fifth Army in the North Caucasus into the Kuban army when soldiers together again in a few Microsoft MB5-626 Vce weeks. Initially, they are divided by region Region of combat 4th 50-701 Air Force Army activities Microsoft MB5-626 Vce in the north of Krasnodar and the Northwest Territories. Fifth Army Air Force activities in the south and the southwest region of Krasnodar. But experience shows that when the case of these two Army combat areas are closely linked, and similar tasks, it is best for MB5-626 them unified command. Later, Microsoft MB5-626 according to this, the o.

MB5-626 Vce o Meisha Stowe Kosovska Asia. At C2140-134 the same time, the 18th Army Corps of the right wing in the Caia area MB5-626 Pache Coffs force crossed the Kuban River. Staro Cole Song Kaya awed wiped out the enemy, fled in panic. 46th Army take about neighbor victory of the machine, to the offensive, when February 10 end of the day it hit Hopkins Kaya. 56th Army from the south facing 1Z1-108 Krasnodar offensive. In this direction, the Soviet attack very difficult. Tenacious enemy resistance, I continue to implement backlash. In Microsoft MB5-626 Vce Krasnodar Fernando lo km Shende Japanese residents in Iraq, the battle played very intense. Here, the enemy built a strong resistance hub portion. But Microsoft MB5-626 Vce nothing can stop the Microsoft MB5-626 Vce power of the Soviet soldiers attacked. Guards Infantry Corps troops surrounded the wing from the residents, the 070-236 elimination of de Koushou Bing. After the liberation of Iraq Shende day, the army was able to quickly attack forward. In the Microsoft MB5-626 Vce vast grasslands between Krasnodar railways and roads were fighting very difficult. Soviet soldiers recovered the land inch C_E2E300_713 by inch of the motherland, to the heart.

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