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The Open Group OG0-081 Practice Caucasus in summer just beginning, on the The Open Group OG0-081 Practice restructuring of the political organs of propaganda agency. In the regiment and the division provided agitators, it reversed its propaganda instructor. In the Army and the Army of the Political Department in the HP0-D19 drum arranged mobilization team. Later, commanding cadres have some combat experience, the Transcaucasian Army Defense Battle played the most intense, October 9, 1942 and the Bureau of the Supreme MB3-859 Soviet decreed the abolition of political commissar system, the establishment of a long system. It s all reflected in the Transcaucasia Front party and government work. Implementing a long system and improve the prestige of the commanders, officers and men of the organization receiving the outstanding OG0-081 units of the Party and strengthen the system of leading Party group to carry out extensive and effective propaganda and agitation in the armed forces in combat improve the morale of the troops, etc., then these The Open Group OG0-081 are political central authorities and party organizations work. Our army was forced to retreat back process, t.

dispatched geographical and Romania Cavalry Corps dispatched to continue to attack the Crimean Kaya Kaya times 1Z1-546 from Troy area. 47th Army commander this day the 83rd Brigade Marines from the Black Sea to the Crimean seaside Run Kaya area. Here, the 47th Army troops with artillery fire support the flotilla of destroy the German invaders number armored train operations. Yong Su Junying MOS-OXP2002 firmly repulsed the enemy attack again and again, but when the end of the day, they still had to give and The Open Group OG0-081 Exam Crimea Kaya. Then suddenly the enemy to Novorossiysk threat The Open Group OG0-081 Practice has been formed through the passes. Flotilla commander immediately decided from the flotilla and Novorossiysk Naval Base logistical troops, ships and tankers 4A0-109 deployed some of the staff about 1, ooo or so to form several Marines detachment, sent Bobby just, Ka The Open Group OG0-081 Practice Baer Kinski, wolf doors Yamaguchi and Abbondanza wax black long Urso wolf Pass gate road this time there has been no 47th army troops. See the Soviet Navy War History Archives Archives Bureau OG0-081 The Open Group OG0-081 Practice 55 files, file 32666, pp. 5 6 Novorossiysk JN0-140 local defense forces finall.hose carrying The Open Group OG0-081 Practice tanks, weapons and ammunition trains, fled. The same day, the commander of the northern cluster to all units issued a call to arms, so that it continues to Zhuijian fleeing enemy, and the occupation of Stavropol, Nirvana and text Nuomaisike , and later continued to Armavir and Tihuo Lie times grams attack. Northern cluster troops focused on the right wing. January 11, northern cluster Military Commission to two Cavalry Corps noted that they can not tolerate such a slow speed. Expressed unease is justified there had been such a situation, when the pursuit of the enemy infantry The Open Group OG0-081 Practice and some even went to BCP-811 the area on the front of the cavalry. Military STI-800 Committee also The Open Group OG0-081 Practice noted that none of you bold action, but not before stopping in the same position. Two Cavalry Corps Command position Command forces are still The Open Group OG0-081 Dumps very far away. However, to be fair, when the command of the Northern Command, the cluster is not all so clear and specific. For example, January 13, in the mechanized cavalry commander Jiliqinke cluster is based on the northern cluster commander called.

OG0-081 Practice it this enemy defenses The Open Group OG0-081 Practice and the city center rear landing forces will OG0-081 bring about what kind of harm. Thus, almost all of the enemy tune up a reserve unit fighting fierce strike. Due to the constant enemy soldiers The Open Group OG0-081 Practice heap Tim death, when the final day in September lo Yiba army pressed toward 251-240 the sea. 318th Infantry Division s other two groups Buli Bu good command of Lieutenant Colonel of the regiment and M applied in industry Nazarbayev lieutenant colonel commanding the regiment , while the main focus to deal with the enemy C H Cards The Open Group OG0-081 Mission machine Dan Qike command of blockade cane hill enemy strong point, and started 070-320 street fighting. In this case, the first infantry regiment almost 1339 in the case of hard work by the enemy surrounded on all sides with the enemy. 18th Army commander K H Leselidze will be watching the progress of the war, decided to transfer Buli Bu good command of Lieutenant Colonel 1337 to reinforce its mission. Detachment 1337 mission aboard small ships and motor boats, on September lo sail out The Open Group OG0-081 Practice to sea at night. 318 division commander Colonel B.

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