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ZJB Evening News October 30, 2014

In Today’s News Headlines: >The Honourable Minister of Communication, Works and Labour appalled at the inaccurate statements made on the programme “Labour Speaks’ regarding his recent trip to Antigua… >Former West Indies cricketer and International cricket commentator Ian Bishop believes more needs to be done to allay people fear about coming Montserrat… >Montserrat has received […]


Budget Performance Report Q2 2014-15 (UL20141022) Budget Performance Report Q1 2014-15 (UL20140828) Publication of Gazette EXTRA ORDINARY GAZETTE NO 9 OF 2014 Education Statistical Digest of Montserrat 2013-2014 (1) Publication of Gazette August 2014.. Publication of Gazette July 2014 2014 Preliminary List of Voters Publication of Gazette June 2014 The Business of Cabinet- January- June […]

ZJB Evening News Friday October 17th, 2014

In the headlines: >A Montserratian performing arts specialist receives the award for Best Caribbean Cultural Studies Student at UWI in Trinidad… >Plans are underway to establish a National Business Council here… >A top Disaster Official believes Montserrat is better prepared for a disaster than most other islands… >Montserrat Idol 2012 winner will compete in the […]

ZJB Evening News October 16th, 2014

In Today’s News Headlines: >A Gap Analysis Workshop for the OECS Global Climate Change Alliance opened Thursday here… >Five worthy organizations are the recipients of generous donations from the Montserrat Art and Craft Association… >The St Patrick’s Cooperative Credit Union throw open its doors on Thursday for its annual open day under the theme “Local […]

ZJB Evening News October 15th, 2014

In Today’s News Headlines: >The Ministry of health undertakes a comprehensive training programme as part of its response to the Ebola virus… >The Minister of Communication, Works and Labour visits Antigua to explore ways to improve the conditions at the Ferry Port there… >David “Trixie” Dubberry has been appointed as the Interim Access Coordinator… >No […]

ZJB Evening News October 14th, 2014

In Today’s News Headlines: > Police are conducting investigations into the cause of a house fire at Senior Magistrate, Veronica Dorsette Hector home in the Olveston area… >The OECS Ocean Governance, Hydrographic Scoping Study project launched on Montserrat… >The Mental Health Unit to strengthen service delivery…

Government of Montserrat online service update

The Government of Montserrat’s web portal was offline for the past few days due to technical disruptions resulting from the passage of what was then Tropical Storm Gonzalo. We apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused.

ZJB Evening News October 10th, 2014

In Today’s News Headlines: >A British Government Minister says there’s little chance that the UK Administration would transfer the welfare benefits of Montserratians who wish to return home… >The visit of the British Overseas Territories Minister on Thursday provided an opportunity to prioritize Montserrat’s key development areas… >Monfest is still contemplating venues for the 2014 […]

MDC Creating New Tourism Attractions in Montserrat

The Montserrat Development Corporation is delivering a programme for new and improved visitor attractions in Montserrat. Improvement in the range and quality of our attractions is needed if we are to bring more visitors to the island and create new jobs and business opportunities. The top priorities for the programme are excursions into Plymouth and […]

Opening and first sitting of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly after the 2014 General Election

Opening and first sitting of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly after the 2014 General Election Wednesday October 8th 2014 Honourable Member of the Legislative Assembly and Leader of the Opposition, Mr Reuben Meade (MCAP). Mr Meade was absent from this sitting of the Assembly.