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Open Day Discussion Ferry Tender Documents

Interested persons are invited to the open meeting for the Transportation Provisions Tender tomorrow 26th, April 2016 at 11am on the 1st floor conference room at the Office of the Premier located at Government Headquarters Brades, Montserrat. Persons overseas are invited to join the meeting on skype at cabsec_goms. 25-04-2016 – Open Discussion Ferry Tender […]

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank – ECCB Connects Episode 3

On this episode of ECCB Connects, Deputy Director in the Banking and Monetary Operations Department of the ECCB, Niall Pistana sheds light on how the ECCB generates its income and keeps the EC dollar strong.  

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank – ECCB Connects Episode 2

In this episode it features the Deputy Director, Currency Management Department, Rosbert Humphrey, explains how the ECCB issues and manages the EC currency; highlights some of the security features of the EC notes; and outlines how you can help ensure there is always a supply of clean EC notes.  

The Government of Montserrat interim Freight & Cargo arrangements between Montserrat and Antigua

Below are the following interim arrangements for Freight and Cargo between Montserrat and Antigua:   The MV Joyce Ship Captained by Earl Daway will sail at 4am from Port Little Bay, Montserrat to Bryson’s Pier, Heritage Quay Antigua on Friday 15th, April 2016 Cargo and Freight will be accepted up until 3am tomorrow Friday 15th, […]

Montserrat included in The Royal Geographical Society Mini-documentaries

The Royal Geographical Society released the Britain’s Treasure Islands series broadcast which will start on BBC4 on April 12th at 9 pm, and repeated April 13th at 8 pm. The series are 42 mini-documentaries, covering one of the Territories, and the systematic groups of wildlife, plus some miscellaneous ones.  The broadcast of the series will help raise […]

The Council of the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) Press Conference

Montserrat hosted The Council of the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) 8th Annual meeting  held from 4th April – 7th April at the Montserrat Cultural Center. A  special press conference was held to highlight some of the outcomes from the meetings. The press conference included statements from the CROSQ CEO Deryck Omar, […]

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank launches podcast ECCB Connects

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank launched its weekly public education podcast ECCB Connects on Wednesday 6, April 2016. The first episode features an interview with newly appointed ECCB Governor Mr. Timothy N.J. Antonie which is available via ECCB’s YouTube Channel noted below.   In a formal letter sent by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, it […]

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) hosts the 8th Tourism Human Resources Conference

    Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Tourism will host the 8th Tourism Human Resources Conference from 11th – 13th May 2016 at the Jolly Beach Resort & Spa in Antigua. The aim of the conference is to bring together human resource professionals from the public, private sectors, tourism practitioners, tourism educators/trainer, consultants and in […]

Additional ACCESS UPDATE: The Government of Montserrat

The following additional update regarding access were released today by the Government of Montserrat. 08-04-2016 The Government of Montserrat: Access Update  

The Government of Montserrat – Access Update

Today, The Government of Montserrat has released the following  statement regarding access: 07-04-2016 – The Government of Montserrat – Access Update