Government of Montserrat

Ongoing Internal Awareness Month Activities

The month of May is celebrated as International awareness month for Internal Audit. Many professions have a universal understanding of their value. This is not the case for Internal Auditing. Many times The Unit is confused with External Audit i.e The Office of the Auditor General, however, they both have the strategic function that is the oversight of Public Finance. The Internal Audit profession has been established since 1941, however, because of the increased financial scandals over the last few years’, greater attention has been brought to the function. It was introduced to Montserrat during the 2011/2012 financial year with an office established in April 2013. The role requires courage because of the need to call waste, inefficiencies and other matters as seen.

During this month and throughout the year the unit will be sharing, educating and advocating for the function such that clients and stakeholders have a greater understanding of the role to foster improved collaboration and become their trusted advisor.

The activities include visits to clients i.e Ministries, departments and government agencies as well as Secondary & Tertiary institutions, radio spots, Staff recognition, guesting on ZJB Radio’s “The Nation’s Business” on 27 May 2019 and ending with an open day on 31 May 2019, where there be some tokens distributed appropriately branded to support and bring awareness to the function.