Government of Montserrat

Nutrition Day

The Ministry of Health & Social Services are coordinating activities for the 2012 Caribbean Nutrition Day and we want you to join in and get healthy.

The activities listed below can be used all year long to encourage healthy living and an active lifestyle. Start a group with your church members, family, friends and co-workers but do get moving and make better eating choices.

 Beverage and Water

Water Challenge Calendar

What is 1 Drink?


Overcoming Common Barriers to Fitness

Fitness Training

Challenge Calendar

20 Tips for an Active Lifestyle

Calories Burned

Physical Activity

Fruits & Vegetables

What Count as a Serving?

Eating more Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and Veg Challenge – HLC2

Healthy Eating

Myths and Facts about Eating Breakfast

Food Groups

Healthy Eating Brochure

Suggestions for Healthy Meal and Snack Choices

Weight Loss Tips

Tracking Sheets

Beverage Tracking Sheet

Fitness Tracking Sheet

Fruit & Vegetable Tracking Sheet

Healthy Eating Tracking Sheet

Water Tracking Sheet