Governance Reform & Institutional Development (GRID)

Overview of GRID:

GRID is a 3-year transformational programme as part of ongoing reform with a people centric focus . It’s main objective is to build the capacity of the public service in three thematic areas, with good governance as a cross cutting theme.

  1. Strengthening Human Resource Capacity in Management and Leadership as a means of enhancing performance and productivity.
  2. Improving the institutional framework for the local business environment by strengthening the investment climate on Montserrat.
  3. Enhancing the management of public finances in an open and transparent manner by delivering key aspects of the Public Financial Management Action Plan.

As GRID is seeking to enable transformational change within the Government of Montserrat – there is a Programme Management Team in place to coordinate, direct and oversee the various projects and workstreams that fall within the programme.

The total allocated by DFID for GRID is EC$12.25 million dollars. Delivery partners, namely the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and Government Partnerships International (GPI) will support the Government of Montserrat with the implementation of various aspects of the programme.

The following link provides insight on the performance of the programme:


To invest in our people to enable a thriving Montserrat


To enable reform that would result in an accountable, responsive and efficient Montserrat Public Service by building trust and encouraging a collaborative environment for all stakeholders.

How can GRID funding be accessed?

Heads of Departments seeking to build capability in the identified thematic areas area advised to complete a simple online form, available at the following link:


Knowledge hub for people centric transformation for the public service:

  • Oversight, Prioritisation and Coordination of people centric change activities.
  • Point of contact for access to delivery partners.
  • Fund management and approval of Learning & Development activities within the GRID themes.
  • Secretariat to decision making committees such as the Public Services Reform Steering Group.

Main Contact Details



#3 Farara Plaza

Brades, MSR1110


Tel: (664) 491-9202/6523/6524


Deputy Programme Manager – Tanisha Christopher 

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