Monitoring to Realize Your Benefits and Results

The training ‘Monitoring to Realize Your Benefits and Results’ was held on October 12, 2020 in the HR Training room by the M & E Unit from the Office of the Premier and facilitated by Mrs. Cynthia Dyett, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.  Some 21 persons from across Government, mainly Assistant Secretary level, attended the training. 

The training was mostly theoretical, given the time duration of 2hrs.  The training was geared towards providing clarity around terms used, with definitions and references from professional institutions.  The information shared was to allow participants to understand the ‘link’ as it relates to planning and to demonstrate how the use of critical indicators can be applied strategically using the Logical Framework Model or the Results Framework Model to monitor performance in order to achieve the benefits or results based on the objectives of the Ministries. 

Further work is necessary as it relates to the persons who are tasked with the collection and analysis of data while reinforcing the level of importance that the capture of data is to the Government of Montserrat in its quest to meet its development objectives and to generate further support from its funding partners.

In general, over 95% of the persons who attended the workshop found it informative and very significant.  Based on the comments from participants, a follow-up working practical session is required.  This will be addressed on an individual basis with direct Ministries as we try to work with specific areas which will be more applicable to the participants.

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